Imagine A Mountain o’ Thanks

I put out a mild call for coinage in order to purchase materials necessary to thoroughly investigate creationist nonsense, and several of you came through far above and beyond what I expected. At this rate, I’ll not only be able to afford the creationist books, but the rather more expensive actual-science tomes that will assist in showing the difference between creation “science” and the real deal. I’m a bit overwhelmed right now, honestly. So I’m going to let one of my favorite people in the universe say the thing properly:

Matt Smith as the Doctor, pointing. Caption says, "Who's awesome? You're awesome!"
I can’t tell you how grateful I am. Of course, I’ll be able to show you soon, when I’ve got all the stuff and we’re off on an adventure into a strange alternate reality where sincere people try to prove that a bunch of ancient yarn-spinners were actually relating accurate geologic history right from God. Tell you what, if I had a dollar for every WTF moment I’ve had as I’ve started this project, I’d be offering you guys cash. Yeesh.

Once our BJU textbook is here, which should be only a few days from now, I’ll be able to get us started on quite an edimication. You may want to start replenishing your stock of preferred mind-altering substances now, because you’ll probably need chemical assistance to get through this. I certainly do plan to rely on my amigos Captain Morgan and Jose Cuervo to put my mind back in working order after each session.

I couldn’t do any of this without you, my darlings. Again, thank you!


Imagine A Mountain o’ Thanks
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    Incidentally, Focus on the Family will give away books from its catalog for free. It used to be an option on their website; now you have to telephone their order line and ask if you can get them for free. I got Lee Stroebel’s _The Case for Christ_ gratis that way.

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    I was sad that you asked for funds just when my car decided it needed many repairs (like oil leaks, power steering leak, electrical shorts, and so forth and so on). Anyhow, I think this is a great project and if you still need funds later and my car has gotten well, I hope to help.

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