The Greatest Grumpy Cat Meme Ever

I stumbled across this looking for something else. I am a Doctor Who fan*, and I approve this meme.

grumpy cat tardis

If anyone knows who created this, tell me who they are. I love them. I want to buy them alcoholic beverages.

But you know Grumpy Cat never actually met The Doctor. No way you can hate traveling the universe when you run with him!


*Please don’t talk to me about recent episodes. My DVR died, and I haven’t caught up, and I didn’t get to see Day of the Doctor, and WAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! All will be remedied as I continue catching B up – we’re on Series 4 now. By the time we reach the newest series, it’ll be in my hands on nice shiny DVDs which will not fail me, and happiness will return to the universe. Also, I may possibly have a working DVR again. Anything is possible!

The Greatest Grumpy Cat Meme Ever
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11 thoughts on “The Greatest Grumpy Cat Meme Ever

  1. 2

    Day of the Doctor spoilers:
    Time travel was involved.
    There were monsters.
    It wasn’t as good, IMHO, as The End of Time.

    Like you with B, I’m currently catching my wife up. She’d never watched it before but I bought a large boxed set of everything since 2005. We’ve made it into the first season of the 11th Doctor now.

  2. 3

    At the risk of being voted off the island, let me confess – I have not seen a single episode of Dr. Who. Not one.

    Mainly because I don’t watch TV, don’t have cable, and have not been able to find it for free online (yes, I know, I’m a cheap so-and-so). You can’t spend much time online without picking up on some of the memes, though, and I found this picture quite amusing.

  3. 4

    @3, LD: I had not seen one either until a year or two ago. All I knew of was the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, with the ridiculous long scarf, from glimpses of old episodes on one of the local PBS stations. I only knew what the TARDIS was, and what Daleks are, from reading assorted geeky blogs.

    Then I decided to try watching an episode on BBC America. And another. And another. And all of the ones my cable supplier had in their “On Demand” service. I was addicted.

    A few months ago I ordered a boxed set of every episode from 2005 up to the present. It wasn’t even available yet, I had to wait until just a couple of weeks ago. I figured I’d spread it out over a year or so but hadn’t reckoned on my wife. She’d never watched more than a minute of Who before, but said she’d watch the first 2005 episode, “Rose”, with me. We wound up watching four episodes that night, and three or four most evenings since. She’s hooked.

    So if you have a chance to watch Doctor Who, don’t. Unless you’re prepared to watch all of them.

  4. rq

    *high five*
    Haven’t seen any Dr Who, either. I might, one day. Maybe. If I can be bothered to clear out the computer space (cheapskate here, too!).

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