My Imminent Return

Halloween is over, costume deadlines no longer loom, and it’s about time for me to get back to you lot. Only I got hit by a virus. It’s sort of like getting hit by a bus, only slightly less gory. I can’t dictate posts because talking hurts, and I can’t type much because all of my joints ache. It’s a bad sign when your skin rejects clothing, right? But it doesn’t appear to be super-serious, so I should be back in writing trim within the week.

In the meantime, with the government no longer shut down and the USGS photo library back online, we should be able to resume our Mount St. Helens series. I’ve also got lots of stuff to show you that I learned while making costumes: public domain audio books are a thing, so I got lots of reading done. I was on an abolition kick. It amazes me how much gets glossed over in school. My adult life has been one long series of illusions being shattered.

There are also some book reviews, and of course plenty of photos from the debut of B’s wonderful wizard costume, and some lovely fall scenery. There are huge, meaty posts full of savory rocks. And I’m sure I can manage a rant or two.

For now, though, it’s back under the covers for me. Should hair hurt? Argh.

My Imminent Return
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9 thoughts on “My Imminent Return

  1. rq

    Yay! Can’t wait for successful costume photos.
    Also, get well soon!! *hugs* and hot USB-tea (just steep any USB port in boiling water and consume while sitll hot).

    Looking forward to your return – I’ve been missing my ETEV fix.

    Me, too!

  2. 5

    Get well soon, Dana! We miss you, but we’re all adults and capable of filling the time of your recovery constructively.

    BTW, forget the chicken soup. The best restorative is a nice bowl of chile verde and some warm tortillas. You know this of course, but the pain and suffering may have temporarily driven it from your mind.

  3. 7

    Please focus on getting well! Being sick sucks.

    I’ve survived somehow without the Volcano, I might be able to limp on a few more weeks without an update…

    Just remember, this is really all about me…

  4. 8

    I’m working hard on a method to send chicken soup through the intertubes. Noodle clogs are a big problem. In the meantime, burrow under those covers and get lots of sleep.

    Get Well Soon!

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