Gone Costuming

Sorry, my darlings! I haven’t meant to neglect you for so long, only it’s approaching Halloween, and you know what that means: Dana has been roped in to making costumes. By hand. Without a sewing machine.

So far, I’ve nearly got me faux-leather bodice for me pirate outfit done. Just need to finish the back hem, put in the eyelets for the lacing, and perhaps a bit o’ trim and a dart or two. That’s #1.

This is #2:

B's frightfully awesome wizard's robe
B’s frightfully awesome wizard’s robe

That’s just basted together – the fine stitching needs to be finished, and the capelet with the arcane symbols, and the wizard’s hat. So that’s going to take some time. It would be easier if B were shorter, but oh, well.

#3: Helping B’s brother become the Goblin King. Oy. Glad I don’t have to sew that bugger, just some trim.

And then, when those are done, I’m going to be making myself a Renaissance dress for the next time we do the medieval faire circuit.

Mah dress. Which is going to take FOREVER. But will be thoroughly awesome.
Mah dress. Which is going to take FOREVER. But will be thoroughly awesome.

The dress won’t distract from blogging (much) as I’ve got ages to do it, but the other costumes have to be done by the end of this month, soooooo….. Unless the Cons get done throwing tantrums and I can repost some nice stuff, you won’t see much o’ me round here for the next few weeks. But I’ll be back! And I swear I’ll even reply to some emails (I still love you, friends who have emailed me and waited forever for a reply!!).

But for now, gotta get back to pushing thread through threads.

Gone Costuming

6 thoughts on “Gone Costuming

  1. rq

    Well, I’m less worried now. ;)
    That dress is going to be awesome (always wanted one myself), and I seriously hope you’ll have some photos up of your own pirate costume. And maybe that sparkly tote bag that got you off on this sewing season days weeks months ages ago?
    I hope B appreciates your sew-wizardry powers, because that is a stunningly wizardly robe (the colour and texture!).

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