Broughtcha Horsies

I told you I would, didn’t I? Oh, I’ll have far, far more, but this should whet your appetites.

I love the fact they had miniature horse carriages this year. Awesome! Many, many women demonstrating mad skillz in medieval equine martial arts – yet moar awesome. And I discovered that standing beside one of the speakers means I don’t have to fiddle with audio. That’s conveniently provided. Heh.

Alas, there will be no portraits of moi with horsies – we had to rush back home to watch over Luna, who just got out of surgery. Not that you’d know it from the way she was all over the house playing with absolutely everything, at least until the vaccines kicked in and made her drowsy. I hope my hysterectomy goes as well when I finally manage to convince someone to give me one.

Everyone give a big round of applause, including shouts, whistles, and various assorted noisemakers, to our own Trebuchet, who owned the competition once again. There’s a reason we call him Trebuchet, people.

Pumpkin hurling on the way. There’s an air cannon, even. I just have to cut together a nice montage out of all the raw footage, and you shall have pumpkins being chunked. Plus many horsies.

The Faire continues today for those who are in the area and want to go have a great time.

Broughtcha Horsies

4 thoughts on “Broughtcha Horsies

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    Nice seeing you yesterday Dana! It was kind of awesome that all of the knights except one were female!

    I wouldn’t say I “owned” the competition, but was best in class by 3 feet, according to the sponsor. I think they didn’t do a good job of recording distances. I’ll be out again today, if you’re in the area come by and say hi. I’m the Mixed Nuts JR machine, orange and black, second from the near end of the line.

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    The miniature horses are kind of a cruel trick of breeding. I do not approve of them. They suffer horrible health problems fairly early in their lives and occasionally the genetic cards come up black aces for the mares, who die trying to deliver a foal that is too large to fit through them. Personally, I consider miniature horses – for all that they are cute – to be equine abuse.

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