I’m Still Among the Living

So this silence…. Well, there was a holiday, and I spent quite a lot of it catching up on housework, and then there was that trip to the craft store with Starspider. You know what, don’t ever turn the two of us loose in a craft store. Especially not when the sparkly shit’s on sale.

Long story short, I’ve been very busy blinging a bag. My favorite tote bag died, and I figured what the hell, might as well get one of those plain ones and do it up myself, y’know, iron on a few designs, piece o’ cake. Oh, and the straps need some padding sewn on. And holy shit, look at those rolls of glittery sort of rhinestone strips for a buck-fifty. Oh, and it’ll need pockets. Many. Pockets. Also big center designs for the little transfers to go round, let me just go spelunk the intertoobz for nifty Chinese dragons and possibly peacocks…

By the time I’m done, I should be able to summon planes and/or ships to any given desert island, or permanently blind unprepared people. Possibly set things on fire on sunny days. I like it a lot already. And Phase I is almost complete, so I’ll have actual content for you once again. Probably Thursday. In the meantime, I hope you’ve spent some quality time with our other bloggers, and had a great weekend yerselves. See you soon! I gotta go get more rhinestones….

I’m Still Among the Living
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8 thoughts on “I’m Still Among the Living

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    Being the crafty sort, and since you live in the Seattle area, you may want to look into one of the many sewing workshops offered by Stitches, 711 E Pike St on Capitol Hill. The last time I looked at their schedule (crafting classes are conveniently posted on their store window) they had several on how to make a tote bag from scratch, from selecting fabric appropriate for its intended use to construction to customization. Imagine: a tote bag designed for use on rockhounding expeditions, made of heavy canvas duck, with loops to hold hammers and magnifying glass, pockets for a slate and to hold samples and a padded case for your digital camera.

    I bet if you came up with a design and pattern, you could sell it.

  2. 4

    @2 That way lies madness! I do quite a bit of one type of sewing craft and nearly everyone I know in my sewing craft group owns dozens of cubic feet of fabric and has started more projects than she can finish in her lifetime. (Some of my friends are over 70, however.)

  3. rq

    Now moarscienceplz has gone and done it – Dana will never return to regular blogging, constantly in search of sparkly things on sale! :(

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