New at Rosetta Stones: Wherein I Get Off My Duff and Bluff

Here you are, my darlings: the very-first-aside-from-the-intro post in our Discovery Park bluff series. It has the very grown-up title of Hey, Puget Sound! Are Ya Bluffing, Punk? Well, Are Ya? You know it’s grown up because it’s a play on Dirty Harry’s famous words, and that film was rated R, which means Restricted to Adults. Also, it uses words like “unlithified,” which means it must be Very Seriously Grown Up.

Well, about as grown up as geologists ever get when they’re burbling over their favorite subject, anyway. Hopefully your review will say “Entertaining and informative.”


New at Rosetta Stones: Wherein I Get Off My Duff and Bluff

5 thoughts on “New at Rosetta Stones: Wherein I Get Off My Duff and Bluff

  1. rq

    Unlithified?? *gasp* Noooooooo! Whatever will happen to the detritus now?
    *runs away in horror*

    More seriously, I’d love to run away to that cold-water beach of yours. I think today will peak out over 35 degrees Celsius, and that, really, is way too much.
    Oh, and I have some ‘local’ bluffs in photos, that look remarkably similar to this one. Heh, they’re famous in-country because they’re The only bluffs we have!! and thus are a prime eco-tourist location. (They are pretty – most of the beach rocks I collected and have yet to photograph are from the foot of this very long bluff, when we went last summer.)
    Beautiful photos, as always. The anticipation was well worth the information and fun I got out of that article.

  2. 2

    Can’t wait for more. Also can’t wait to get back to the alternate location and go to the beach, now that I can walk normally again. I haven’t been there for way too long. There’s a lovely feeder bluff there which has already claimed one house.

  3. 5

    Theoretically, the house is supposed to be set back from the edge by a distance equal to the height of the bluff. I’m not sure how strictly that’s enforced. And of course, it doesn’t help older houses.

    There was a house in the expensive part of the development where we have our mobile home which, when we moved in, had suffered a major bluff collapse and wound up right on the brink. The cause of the collapse was pretty easy to see from the beach, because their septic tank was hanging out half exposed right below the house. Adding water to our bluffs is NOT a good idea.

    After sitting there red-tagged for a number of years, the house was finally demolished a couple of years ago. And then, to my astonishment, another was build on the lot, closer to the road. There was no way that could have met the setback requirement and I couldn’t imagine how they got a permit. Apparently they didn’t, and the new house has been red-tagged as well. (I know I’ve told this story here before, sorry for the repetition.)

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