One Reason I’m Not Getting Any Bloody Work Done

So my darling Aunty Flow showed up right after I came over all optimistic and told you lot I’d be blogging moar. Also, reading a book that was a bit like a black hole. You know the kind of book. The kind that leads to this sort of exchange:

“Dana! The house is on fire! Flee for your life!

“Yeah, okay, after this chapter.”

Done now. Good thing the house never actually did catch on fire, because I probably would’ve forgotten to rescue the cat even if I’d managed to save myself and the Kindle.

And then, tonight, with dinner consumed, I schlep the folding table and mah chair into the bedroom, zip back out to the living room for my Coke, and:

Misha "helping" me blog.
Misha “helping” me blog.

Wretched wee beastie.

Then she wanted quality hair-tie time. Only toy she’ll play with, those. But of course, the moment I went to record her shenanigans for you lot, she up and left. Damn cat.

She’s gone now, and I’m settling in to begin work. So the drought shall end soon, cat willing. Until then, allow me to moon you:

Moon over basalt column fountain.
Moon over basalt column fountain.

Too dark to get a really good moonshot, alas – my camera was thinking it should gather as much light as possible and couldn’t be persuaded otherwise. Still. Pretty. The moon was ginormous and a lovely shade of orange. What do they call that – not the harvest moon, there’s another term for it, isn’t there?

Anyway. Shot through the trees that turned out somewhat interesting:

Moon through branches.
Moon through branches.

Kinda like that.

Anyway. Gotcher one post almost written that is a few thousand word monstrosity whichI think you’ll enjoy quite a bit, and we’re about to launch into some excellent geology, and if I can keep this silly feline from interrupting every ten minutes, I may even be able to actually post stuff for ye. I shall valiantly make the attempt. Thank you for your patience.

One Reason I’m Not Getting Any Bloody Work Done

4 thoughts on “One Reason I’m Not Getting Any Bloody Work Done

  1. 2

    The cat went here and there
    And the moon spun round like a top,
    And the nearest kin of the moon,
    The creeping cat, looked up.

  2. rq

    Yeah, I hate my uterus too, sometimes. Like this week, but oh well.
    Love the moon, I saw a spectacular one last night driving home from work. It was huge and not full (on the wane) but orange and playing peek-a-boo with the storm clouds, and it was glorious. Worth every stolen glance (hey, I was on the highway).
    Also, Misha knows the paparazzi ain’t welcome during free/leisure/play time. Smart cat, that one. Or just obnoxious. ;)

    Is that your poem? I like it very much!!

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