New at Rosetta Stones: Garnet Mica Schist! Plus Announcements

Sorry for the absence lately – between the black hole the kitten has created, research, work, field excursions, and the unending exhaustion caused by a new medication, I’ve been lax. But I did put together a delicious little post with some photos of the garnet mica schist we found at Icicle Gorge last weekend, and it’s got links to Elli’s awesome 3-part series on how garnet mica schist comes to be, so there’s something to make up for it!

Also, I just tonight finished preliminary work on a set of posts I think you’ll love quite a lot. Coming soon! Also coming soon, moar kittehs!

For those of you who never venture into the wider world of FreethoughtBlogs, we’re having our first-ever convention this weekend! Here’s a welcome from PZ, and Jason’s link to lanyards. Unfortunately, I can’t be there – see above excuses (especially kitten black hole), but there will be science galore, and thought-provoking talks, and you can torment me by telling me what I’m missing! I’ll catch up by watching it all on YouTube later, probably while editing 10 billion photos from this summer’s adventures.

Right. Off you go. Enjoy! And check back soon for moar kitten!

New at Rosetta Stones: Garnet Mica Schist! Plus Announcements

3 thoughts on “New at Rosetta Stones: Garnet Mica Schist! Plus Announcements

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    Oooo…. this reminds me that I found some rocks in the gravel at work, of all places, that appear to be serpentine with some sort of flavor of tiny, non-gem-quality garnets in ’em. I’ve been meaning to photograph them and shoot you an email with them to confirm. :D

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    There are some pretty good sized garnets in the specularite found at Champion, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The mine dump there is a popular collecting site.

    The posts by Ellie Goeke were very informative – she spells things out in an understandable way. I really should take a class in mineralogy/petrology, or at least find a good introductory book on those topics.

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    I assume Icicle Gorge is somewhere in the same vicinity as Icicle Ridge, near Leavenworth. If so, my wife and her dad collected rocks around there many times when she was a kid. A good number of which are now in my garage. Guess I’ll have to look for garnets!

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