Vote for One of Our Own!

Begin super-sekrit communiqué from our own RQ:

I just need your vote, via Twitter or Facebook.

As I may or may not have mentioned previously, my choir is planning a trip to Canada in the summer of next year, for the Canadian Latvian Song and Dance Festival (program here, that’s us on July 4th). So, one of the local breweries here (Cēsu alus, no comments) is running a competition for local groups of singers/dancers to win a rather large sum of money, which we, the choir, would put towards our trip next year – either for plane tickets, or for sight-seeing in Canada (since that costs money, too, and for the vast majority of choir members, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get to North America).

So, please, if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, go here and vote (Click ja to say you’re over 18, then click on ‘Balsot’ at the top, then look for Jauniešu kora SONORE dalība XIV Latviešu Dziesmu svētkos Kanādā, Hamiltonā and click Balsot again), from each account, every day (I’ll be putting out reminders until you’re all sick of me). Please. This would mean a lot to me and my fellow choir members, as it would reduce a lot of the stress and financial worry currently causing doubts in some members.
If anyone doubts our skill, I can re-post some of our music – and I’ll (hopefully) have new music/video after this weekend (amateur choir finals on the 29th).

Anyway, if you can help out, muchas gracias! *hugs*

End super-sekrit communiqué.

Right, simple enough. Let’s get ready to vote! First, a song for motivational purposes:

RQ says that’s a “Latvian epic poem about dead heroes rising again, classic Latvian choir fare and a favourite at any possible venue, no matter how badly performed – one of those songs everyone thinks they know by memory until they actually have to sing it.”

Right. That should have you warmed up a bit. Let’s move on to a “traditional Latvian song about bread and working hard to get it.” We can all identify, even if we don’t understand a word, right?

Right? Now, let’s have “Latvia’s unofficial national anthem, traditional song about going home and getting the girl – now a drinking song because it’s fun to sing off-key.” I like a song that’s fun to sing off-key, because despite the concert choir training twenty years ago, I am still better at singing off-key…

Okay, that should have you thoroughly ready to jump on a Latvian site and attempt to upvote RQ’s choir, I should hope. Happy voting!

Vote for One of Our Own!

9 thoughts on “Vote for One of Our Own!

  1. 3

    “Cēsu prēmija would like to access your public profile, friend list and birthday.” before they let me balsot/vote.
    Their privacy policy is in Latvian.
    If you were me, would you go ahead and say “OK”? (FB is my only voting option for this, and I’m sure they’re asking for whatever they can from the other services).
    I’m not objecting, I just really don’t want a ton of FB spam, and DOBs are actually potentially sensitive information when coupled with a real name (as on my FB account).

    Thanks! Good luck, I hope you get to make your trip to CanadiaLand!


  2. rq

    Funny Diva
    I went ahead and said ok for my Facebook profile, they’re a Latvian brewery and I don’t know how often they do promotional stuff. At worst, you’ll get ads in Latvian on your Facebook? I’d rate them as safe. :) And thanks!

    ;) Sveicieni. Padod ziņu tālāk savējiem. Katra balss mums ir svarīga!!

  3. 5

    Alrighty, then, I’ma voting.
    The second FB pop-up asks if they can post to my friends. I just pulled down the “friends” tab, changed it to “me only” and hit “okay”. Hitting “skip” just brought up the dialogue again.
    Hope that’ll get my votes counted.

    former member of a Welsh choir…I know from trying to finance trips!

  4. rq

    You can join the Latvian social network, but other than that, not at the moment. If anything else comes up, I’ll be sure to ask Dana to post about it!
    Thanks for the thought, though.

  5. 9

    OK – the spouse does Facebook, but doesn’t follow blogs (don’t get her started), so I showed her the post, and she voted. I think this will work. Her friends, though, will, be puzzled by the Latvian thing showing up on her Facebook page – the page didn’t seem to want to let her decline to share if she voted. Like I said, don’t get me started about Facebook, Twitter, etc….

    I confess, though, that I do look at her Facebook, because it is a nice way to keep up with people you don’t see all of the time. Privacy issues, however, are a problem.

    I was about to start ranting about Twitter, cell phones, texting while driving, the pathological need to stay connected all of the time, etc., but I won’t.

    Also, get off of my lawn.

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