Please Link Me Your Pissed-At-CFI-Board Links

I’ve been seeing a lot of eloquent outrage since the CFI board issued its fine fuck you. But I know I’m missing some. If you’ve read and/or written a post expressing your displeasure, or left a comment regarding same, leave me a link. I figure it would be nice to collect all and sundry in a single location. In fact, once collected, I think it would be nice to deliver said linkfest to the CFI Board. They may not wish to listen, but we can show them we’re paying attention, and just what their disdain will cost them in volunteers and donations.


Right. Bring ’em.

Please Link Me Your Pissed-At-CFI-Board Links

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    My comment on

    Greta Christina’s blog
    My email to Tom Flynn, Corporate Secreary at CFI (which he courteously replied to, as I asked):

    Dear Mr Flynn,
    Please remove me forthwith from any and all mailing lists of the Center for Inquiry. I trust you possess both the authority and the honor to see to that. In the alternative, please arrange for someone else to effect it.

    It has come to my attention that CFI’s spokesman Ronald A. Lindsay has grossly misspoken in his official capacity, in his inaugural speech at a conference (WiS2) arranged by your organisation in Washington, DC recently. The content and context of that speech was reportedly such that I honestly cannot support any entity which stands behind it, even implicitly.

    Therefore it is my decision to immediately withdraw any further interaction with the CFI.

    Furthermore, as a result I have now become extremely hesitant to endorse or support any organised support for Atheist issues in the U.S. Instead, I intend to donate individually to those persons and projects I may identify as worthy, although this will indubitably mean that many other good causes will go wanting.

    It’s all a great pity, really – the good work needs to get done. However, that takes a level of trust no longer available to this organisation’s name. And by proxy, Ron Lindsay has also tarred every other such venue in the U.S. Alas, they too will now have to make do without my humble support.

    Mr Lindsay will probably some day receive a big medal or other for his “daring” Fifth column deeds to undermine the Atheist and Skeptical movements. But not on my dime.

    Needless to say, my paper subscription for Free Inquiry will lapse unread.

    Finally, I ask you to confer this message, or the gist of it, to the Board of Directors at the soonest opportunity. You guys really need Ron Lindsay on your masthead like an extra hole in your belly – but how the CFI chooses to solve his removal from a position of trust is obviously no longer of any concern of mine.

    However, I would much appreciate notice that this message was received.

    Thank you for your time, etc.

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    Here is my scifi/tabloid take on CFI’s leadership:

    Clow UFO Base Security breaks up riot at CSI Consulate

    Clow UFO Base hosts Women in Secularism 2.1

    Skepchick Network upgraded to Interstellar Ambassador status

    These are from my blog, The Bolingbrook Babbler.

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    The most interesting are the ones from the fringe of the MRA crowd. They just have such a hard time getting it, but even some of them are starting to understand why people got pissed off.

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