No Longer Donating to CFI? Skepticon Could Use Your Help!

Thanks to our own John-Henry Beck, I was made aware of this outstanding adherence to principles, irregardless of money:

However, after witnessing the actions of one of our years long sponsors, the Center for Inquiry (CFI), it has come to our attention that, in order to uphold the values that we have come to embody and endorse, we will no longer accept their sponsorship.

So what does this mean for Skepticon? Well, losing a large sponsor is going to hurt a little bit (we’re probably going to have to sell some of those awesome hats were were talking about) but it has made even determined than ever to make a conference that we can be proud of.

That right there tells me Skepticon is worth supporting. If you’ve withdrawn your fundage from CFI, Skepticon is a great place to redirect your donations. I’ve thrown some money in their coffers, and will be doing so on a semi-regular basis. Remember, this is student-led and free, and principled. If you can spare the change, show them some love.

And, Skepticon? Thank you for being awesome. Much love!


No Longer Donating to CFI? Skepticon Could Use Your Help!

5 thoughts on “No Longer Donating to CFI? Skepticon Could Use Your Help!

  1. 2

    Thanks for the heads up.
    I have not donated to any organizations in the past out of financial reasons. Now that I am becoming more stable, I am happy to donate to Skepticon, who’s values–unlike CFI–I share.

  2. rq

    Good for Skepticon. *clap clap clap*
    When I get super-rich and find someone to take care of the kids for a few weeks, I’ll try to plan this vacation around the Skepticon of that year (hopefully they’ll be a long-running type of conference).

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