Oreo Tectonics

I’m one of those freaks of nature who doesn’t much like Oreos. However, I feel differently about them now that many of you, along with my Facebook friend Raymond Dickey, shared this:

oreo tectonics

Okay, now I want an Oreo cookie! I didn’t realize they could be such perfect geology teaching tools. I’ll have to employ them when I get a chance to speak to people in person about how the earth works. Gotta love lessons you can enjoy with milk afterward.

“GeOreo theory.” Ha! Nicely done, sir, nicely done.

*Edited to add: Image created by Lockwood’s former geophysics professor Bob Lillie. Thanks, Lockwood!

Oreo Tectonics

9 thoughts on “Oreo Tectonics

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    The photos above were taken and captioned by my former geophysics prof Bob Lillie, with whom I’ve been doing the Geology of Willamette Valley workshops for Oregon Master Naturalists. It’s nice to see them circulating, but they are copyrighted, and it bugs me to see how often attribution is ignored and lost. (I’m sure he doesn’t mind them being used in a context like this, but I do wish people generally would think to try to find and note original sources.)

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    I generally do try to run the original creator down, but sometimes fail, and couldn’t find a copyright on this. I’ll be happy to take this down if Bob wants me to.

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    As I said, I seriously doubt he minds in a situation like this. I’ve meant to mention to him that this photoset went somewhat viral on Facebook. We’ll be meeting in the next week or so to plan for the June OMN workshop, and I’ll try to remember to ask. In the meantime, leave it up. My comment is really intended to prompt other readers to at least think about sources.

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