These Posts Are So Last Year. I Mean, They’re Classics!

Hey, look, Rosetta Stones is now just over a year old! Outstanding! I think that means I can start filching from it now, and reposting stuff here for those who missed it, or would like to relive the adventure again. Don’t worry, I’ll be subjecting Rosetta Stones to the same treatment, so if you have a few favorite posts from ETEV’s past, you’ll probably see those come round again.

Right, then. Onward, ho. Our first selection will be a reprise of my very first written piece for Scientific American, which appeared on the guest blog over a year ago. From there, the stars! No, wait, those aren’t particularly outcrop-rich and a little too hot for field work. Right. From there, the planets! And the moons! Geronimo!*


*+10 Geek Points to those who know where “Geronimo!” comes from.

These Posts Are So Last Year. I Mean, They’re Classics!

6 thoughts on “These Posts Are So Last Year. I Mean, They’re Classics!

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    Nice to read that post again and look at actual pictures of actual rocks. Other than on a family vacation to Vancouver Island, the only time I have had my grubby paws on rocks of Washingtonian origin was at grad school at the University of Northern Colorado. My advisor hailed from there and had us do a pretty intensive look at rocks of the Snoqualmie batholith in order to determine the method of emplacement. I still have the typewritten paper for that assignment in the archives. Good times, good times…

    As for Geronimo, I assume you are alluding to WW II American paratroopers shouting that before jumping out of airplanes, yes?

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    Oh yeah – the post.

    Awesome – don’t know how I missed this before. The writing – wow. I’m a teacher, and at some level I can talk sort of like that, but for some reason I can’t write like that. Well done.

    I’ve visited the Pacific Northwest a couple of times, but clearly I need to spend more time there.

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