Now is the Time When We Come Together

Rage settles to righteous anger. Shock becomes determination. In the aftermath of a disaster, we have our chance to rise to our feet, scrub our faces dry on a sleeve, and roll up those sleeves to get to work. We help heal the wounded, comfort the bereaved, fix the damage, and set things as right as we can.

If your faith in humanity wavered, remember: some people ran toward the blasts. The Red Cross had all the blood and funds it needed within hours. People all over the world stepped up immediately to do whatever they could. A few would rip apart: many will put back together.

We will come together and lift each other up. Fall seven; up eight. That’s us. That’s people.

I’ve listed as many resources as I could find. Let me know what I’ve missed.

Find loved ones (h/t):

Google Person Finder

Red Cross Safe and Well (1-800-733-2767)

Mayor’s hotline 617-635-4500


If you have tips or have media (photos, video) from the marathon:



Crisis Counseling:



Help for Victims’ Families:

(I’ve vetted HopeMob to the best of my ability. It seems legitimate, but if they’re not, please let me know ASAP.)


For those needing a place to stay, or who have a place to offer, see here. More resources available at this link. (h/t)



Atheists Giving Aid has a page set up for Boston. The current total (as of 10:45 PDT 4/16) is over $20,000. You all are remarkable!

The Red Cross is reporting it’s good for now:

Thanks to the generosity of volunteer blood donors, there is currently enough blood on the shelves to meet patient needs. The Red Cross also has the financial resources it needs to support this event right now. We are asking those who want to help to make an appointment to give blood in the coming weeks and months. They can do that by calling 1-800-RED CROSS or visiting

If you know of any other legit organizations who are collecting donations, please let me know, and I’ll update this section.

For news (h/t):

Boston fire dept:
Boston Globe:
Boston PD:
Cambridge PD:

Live media feed:
Police chatter:

Massachussetts Emergency Management Agency


Now is the Time When We Come Together

4 thoughts on “Now is the Time When We Come Together

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    If you haven’t already, go and read Dave Munger’s post about the Marathon, which I found by following a link provided by PZ:

    It gave me goose bumps.

    Also: Even though the Red Cross is good for now, blood donations are always needed everywhere. Contact your local blood bank (Puget Sound Blood Center for Dana and me) and get in the habit of making regular donations if you’re eligible. My mother was kept alive by transfusions (an average of one unit a week) for the last 2.5 years of her life. I’ve been trying to make up a little of that ever since she passed, although I’m currently not eligible due to a combination of anemia and medications.

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