To the Boston Bomber(s)

You’re a fucking coward, whoever you are.

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know if you’re a domestic or foreign coward, or a single coward or many. Doesn’t matter. I don’t need your name and your back story to know you’re a fucking coward. Only cowards plant bombs where innocent people and children will be out enjoying a race. Only cowards run away so they don’t have to deal with the aftermath of what they’ve done.*

You’re a pathetic little shit. No decent human being thinks bombing civilians is a great way to achieve their agenda.** I don’t give two tugs on a dead dog’s dick what your agenda is. It could be some liberal end-all-wars-and-free-healthcare-for-all agenda, the same one I root for, and I’d still call you a despicable rat-fucking coward. Blowing up people watching a marathon isn’t the way to go about it. It’s what ineffectual, cowardly losers do. It’s what people without the courage of their convictions and lacking the fortitude to stay the course do.

And you know what? I’m willing to stake cash money you’re religious. I don’t care what your religion is. If you think your god approves of what you did, you’ve either got a sadistic shitlord of a god or you’re completely fucking wrong about its agenda. Being as gods are products of our own minds, I’m pretty sure it’s option A. You’ve created something just as bad as you. Congratulations. You’ve proven you don’t belong with the rest of the human race. We’ll find you, and we’ll excise you like a cancer.

I’m anti-death penalty, but I’ll tell you: that stance is hard to hold when it comes to despicable cowardly little shits like you. But I hope you don’t get put to death when we catch you, try you and convict you. I hope you have to rot away in a tiny concrete room. I hope you spend so many years there that most everyone forgets you. I hope you live to understand how little you matter, how much better off the world is without you. I hope you live until your conscience comes calling, and tears you apart from the inside. There are worse things than death, and I’m not a good enough person to prevent myself from wishing them upon you.

I hope the people you ripped apart with your cowardice get justice. I hope every single one of them haunts you, waking and sleeping, until the end of your days.

I’ll cry for your victims later. Right now, I just want to make you this promise, coward: your life is over as of this moment. We’re coming for you. We can never set this right, but there will be a reckoning.


*Suicide bombers are twice the coward, because they don’t stay to face any of the consequences, not even seeing their victims on the evening news and risking that stark moment of humanity when they realize they’ve done the worst possible thing, and will have to live with the blood on their hands for the rest of their pathetic lives.

**No, I’m not letting America off the hook for its drone strikes. That’s cowardice, too.

To the Boston Bomber(s)

5 thoughts on “To the Boston Bomber(s)

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    Well said Dana Hunter.

    Is it odd and does it say something that we,apparently, still have no idea who was behind this and nobody ahs claimed responsibility?

    Pretty sure after 9-11 within hours several groups had claimed responsibility and Al Quaida’s name was being well and truly mentioned as main suspect.

    What sick sack of excrement would ever think anything could possibly justify this terrorist bombing?

  2. 5

    Well-written, Dana.

    As an opponent of the death penalty, I especially appreciate your description of a suitable punishment. I’m “not a good enough person” either.

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