You Can Haz Easter Bunny

Ah, Easter! The time of year when devout Christian folks celebrate an impossible sequence of events, and the rest of us sometimes engage in some of the pagan rituals incorporated into the holiday, especially if we have kiddos. I won’t be hunting any eggs myself, but I got you a bunny.

Wild bunny at North Creek.
Wild bunny at North Creek.

Sorry it’s not chocolate. But it’s cute and fluffy and sweet.

Ducklings have a little something to do with Easter for some reason, don’t they? Excellent. Have the cutest baby duckie I’ve got.

Baby duckie along North Creek.
Baby duckie along North Creek.

I know, right? You’re welcome.

I may celebrate later today by reading the Easter stories in my Skeptic’s Annotated Bible. Or not. It’s supposed to be nearly seventy degrees and sunny. I may just go sit outside with a notebook for a few hours and soak up the sun. I like celebrating life like that. I’ll read what Steve Wells has to say about Easter later.

Have a happy day, my darlings. I hope it’s filled with lots of delicious and fun things, just as every day should be.

You Can Haz Easter Bunny

5 thoughts on “You Can Haz Easter Bunny

  1. 1

    Lovely little aminals (sic, it’s how my grandson says it).

    Now for my Easter question, one that won’t be covered in the SAB or the conventional Bible:
    Why do Christians insist that JC is coming back? He was nailed to a cross, not a feckin’ boomerang.

  2. 4

    Choppy Easter! At least that’s what my Android phone thought I wanted to say when I tried to text “Hoppy Easter”!

    Won’t be long now I’ll be able to walk down to the neighborhood lake/pond/bog and look at the baby ducks and geese. That’ll be awesome!

  3. 5

    That’s a lovely wee bunny. It looks to me like a true rabbit (i.e. not a hare), cuz it gots little stubby ears.
    Might it be an eastern cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus)? Apparently they were introduced to Washington.

    The bunnies around here ought to be starting to shed their white fur and grow fresh brown fur.

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