Sunday Song: Autumn’s Last Gasp

Really. This is getting seriously ridiculous. Autumn refuses to leave. But I think it’s on its last legs now, so this may honestly and actually be the last of it.

These lovelies are from my breaking-in-shoes walk a couple of Saturdays ago. For the most part, we’re down to a few bedecked branches, and some solitary leaves that have fallen artistically into the evergreenery.

Last gasps o' autumn I
Last gasps o’ autumn I

Y’all see why I love that leaf, right? It wasn’t even sunny, and this thing was glowing. Gorgeous.

Here’s another:

Last gasps o' autumn II
Last gasps o’ autumn II

They don’t seem to understand it’s autumn’s end.

Then there’s this little plant, and I have no idea what it is, but I think it’s delicious.

Last gasps o' autumn III
Last gasps o’ autumn III

And really, the lichen-covered rock as a backdrop – smashing. I think that photo deserves my last greatest autumn song. I love this song as much as I love that plant: this is Mostly Autumn’s “Carpe Diem.”

Gorgeous stuff.

Now, I’m hoping that if we remind these autumn leaves it’s almost Christmas, they’ll concede that yes, it’s officially winter, mid-winter will be here in a tick, probably time to give way to the snow and the cold and the gray, except where evergreen shrubs pop out with their bright red berries.

Last gasps o' autumn IV
Last gasps o’ autumn IV

No, scarlet leaves. You are not red berries. Don’t be silly.

Last gasps o' autumn V
Last gasps o’ autumn V

Perhaps if we play autumn off with an autumn song that sounds slightly like a Christmas song, maybe that’ll work.

Look, autumn. The houses are all bedecked in midwinter lights. It’s time to accept this. Although I admit – you and lights? Lovely!

Autumn's Last Gasp VI
Autumn’s Last Gasp VI
Sunday Song: Autumn’s Last Gasp

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    Really nice pictures, Dana! Of course, I’m a bit biased because I’m always getting my knees and elbows damp taking similar ones. =) Thanks for the beautiful looks, especially that lush lichen on the rock. Wow. Basket ball tall.

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