No, Patheos, You Can't Have These New Bloggers Either!

Huzzah, Miriam and Paul are here! And they are awesome. You should go read them if you haven’t already.

Brute Reason
Brute Reason banner, image courtesy Miriam.

Miriam does a lot of social justice, psychology, and other interesting bits. I’ll confess I’ve been spelunking her archives while I should have been doing Very Serious Work. I’m enjoying her a lot, and she’s another reason why I’m proud to be a part of FtB.

Near-Earth Object banner, courtesy Paul
Near-Earth Object banner, courtesy Paul

Paul’s blog is lovely – lots of fascinating tidbits and quotes and science. And his banner has Galileo’s stars in it. I <3 his blog!

Between the main bloggers and the co-bloggers and guest bloggers on this network, we’ve got an incredible lineup. Some days, I have no idea why I’m a part of it. Other days, I know it’s because FtB is smart enough to know it needs a resident geologist. Doesn’t every network?

And every network should have a Miriam and a Paul, but they can’t have them because they joined us. Ha ha ha suck it, Patheos! Hands off our new bloggers.

Everyone else, please give Miriam and Paul a very warm welcome, and enjoy!

No, Patheos, You Can't Have These New Bloggers Either!

6 thoughts on “No, Patheos, You Can't Have These New Bloggers Either!

  1. rq

    So far, looks like even more delightful reading and time-wasting for me. *sigh* When will FtB stop it? It’s hard enough to keep up as it is, and FtB keeps piling on more and more of the good stuff. And it’s so easy to justify all this delectable time-wasting to myself – I mean, it’s educational. In all kinds of ways. *sigh* I’ll have to stop when it starts infringing on my ability to maintain house and feed/clothe children and interact with the Husband. (Or I could just start reading at night. You know. Because who needs sleep?)

    Well, I just hope Patheos never tries to steal you away, and if it ever does, that you will have the sense and strength to resist (unless, of course, you need the move to benefit yourself).

    This friendly rant brought to you by moi. :)

  2. 3

    Why are you a part of it? Well first, because your writing rocks and I’m a fan of geology too. Second, because the moment I found out you were a Roger Clyne fan, I was hooked. How could I possibly not have added you at that point? I can’t be the only Peacemaker here. That would be a beautiful disaster.

  3. 4

    I tell myself it’s educational, too. ;-)

    If Patheos tries to solicit me, I’ll tell them it’s a network-wide deal. If they want to take all of FtB on and pay us fabulous amounts of money, hey, why not! That way readers could still have one RSS feed. Hee.

  4. 5

    Dunno, exactly, but I know it’s more than here. However, I think we have the better network, despite all the FtBers they stole! Also, we’re young and still growing. Insane wealth could be forthcoming. :-)

  5. 6

    I see what you did there, Mr. Brayton. I’m not green and dumb. Ah ha ha.

    I shall refer back anyone who questions my presence on this network to this conversation. And they’ll say they don’t understand the in-jokes, and I’ll say, “That’s exactly why I’m blogging here. Ed needed someone who could say, ‘I speak your language.'”

    Also, geology. If my writing rocks (blush, aww), it’s because of the rocks. They make most things gneiss.

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