I’ve been meaning to get round to visiting the Atheism+ siteit’s been live since August 27th, you’d think I’d get there sometime – and here I’ve finally made it. I already love it! Loved it the moment I registered for the forums and got asked about rocks in order to verify my status as a person rather than a bot.

Yay, I got them right! See, kids, geology is important in your everyday life.

Then, when I got all logged in, I discovered the forum is apparently a Doctor Who fan:

For those of you who are, sadly, not yet fans of the show, the reason why you’ll always hear a fan giggle when something says “information” before providing some info:

(And no, that’s not the Doctor. This is the Doctor. Although he regenerated and now looks like this. Look, it would all make sense if you would just stop making excuses and just watch the show.)

So, there I am, all registered. We need a card. I’d love to be a card-carrying member of Atheism+. I suppose I’ll have to become a Surly-Ramics-wearing member instead.

Alas, I won’t have much time for the forums – must give me freelance career me full attention, as I may have to live off of it sooner than expected – but I wanted to add myself to the numbers. You see, while I don’t insist everybody of worth must identify as an Atheist Plus, I think Atheism Plus is a fantastic idea, not to mention necessary. So there I am, and I always knew it would be a good fit, but I didn’t know how much fun merely signing up would be.



***Attention A+ haters and other assorted miscreants attempting to comment here: why not familiarize yourself with ye olde comment policy, and then cease wasting your time?****

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    This comments section is weird. Only 5 comments, and I know it looks all tidy and normal, but add in Dana’s later-added note about A+-haters, and something is not right.

    Anyways… that out of the way…


    Welcome to A+! Glad to have you there. It’s a good forum. Lots of great people.



    Something’s wrong with that last sentence.

    But I don’t know what…


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