Geology is Best With Kittehs!

Oh, I see what you’re up to, PZ. Your stealth attack, meant to divide my loyalties and my loves, was clever. Cats vs. Rocks! Declare rock the winner, and Dana and her cat-loving rock fiend friends will have no choice but to admit rocks are cooler than cats!

It was a nice try, my friend. Bravo. Well played. However, you were pwned before you posted.

Have you never heard of Geokittehs, sir?

Angular Unconformkitty
Angular Unconformkitty. Brian Switek’s lovely Margarita demonstrates an important and historic geologic principle.

The above Angular Unconformkitty is just one of many incisive posts showing that cats have a keen grasp of geologic principles. Geology and cats: two great tastes that go great together!

Spook doing geology
Spook doing geology with a lovely bit of bornite. This is a legitimate geologist thing. Tasting rocks is a very geologist thing to do.

And what’s the only thing better than cats + rocks? Cats that are rocks!

So, yeah, like I said, it was a valiant effort, but ultimately futile. Poor PZ. And your defeat does not end there: while you thought your own field of biology safe from kittehfication – alas for you, ’tis not so.

Cats and chemistry also combine. And cats have had the market cornered on physics since Schrodinger. Is it the physics cats that turned you off to kittehs in general? They can be assholes, admittedly.

Physics cat
Physics cat disses biology.

Some of us think their general contempt for humanity makes them all the more awesome. But you know, biologist cats exist, and they have a lot in common with you. Professor.

Professor of biology cat
Professor of biology cat.

Of course, it’s not just kittehs doing science. Goggies can teach chemistry, too (h/t)! They are soft and malleable and can be made to bond on demand.

But science, especially geology, will always be best with teh kittehs. Kittehs rock. This is why popularity contests between kittehs and rocks will always end in a draw.

Geologist cat
Misha quite often spends time investigating the samples I bring back from the field.


Geology is Best With Kittehs!
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    I think we can safely say yes. There appear to be a variety of clast sizes cemented together there! They’re lovely!

    Incidentally, if you’d like to see your kittehs featured at Geokittehs, send me their names and perhaps a few other conglomercat photos. dhunterauthor at yahoo dot com.

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