Meanwhile, Back at the OSU Geotour…

Christoph Zurnieden was kind enough to enhance those cross-bedded sandstone pillars for us. The results are striking.

Enhanced cross-bedded columns.
Enhanced cross-bedded columns, courtesy Christoph Zurnieden.


There are lots more at his post, along with an explanation as to what he did, and a grand finale that definitely makes that bedding pop. Go check it out.

Muchos gracias, Christoph!

Meanwhile, Back at the OSU Geotour…
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2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at the OSU Geotour…

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    *clears throat*
    Thank you very much!

    But modern digital imaging makes such things very easy. I’m old enough to remember how much work and time that would have needed in the darkroom and how much money it would have cost. Now it was a matter of about half an hour including a short coffee break and a cent or two for the electrical power.
    Good ol’ times? Oh, c’mon! ;-)

    It is hard to photograph outcroppings even if they are of very bright and highly distinct colors e.g.: a layer of bright green malachite (Cu2CO3(OH)2) in dark blueish-violet covellite (CuS) and than imagine a cliff with tens if not hundreds of layers of only slightly differently colored sediments. I do not know how high-end cameras with 16-bit color resolution will do but as these are inhibitively expensive the last resort is to paint it—with crayons or watercolor. The latter is more practical in the field, at least from my experience but needs more training.

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