Let Breathing Recommence

Oh, thank the people sane enough not to vote for Mittens.

Thank you. This is your victory.
The lead image at barackobama.com. That smile on his face? There’s one like it on mine, too. Whew!

You know what, he’s not perfect, and he’s practically a Republican (the sort of Republican you might have found in the mainstream before Republicans lost their shit), but fuck it. Compared to the batshit bizarre fuckknobs now infesting the Con party, and the magic-underwear-wearing psychopath that is Romney, I’ll take him. Hells to the yes, I’ll take him. With utmost pleasure.

Congratulations, President Obama!

In my own home state, we’ve so far cleaned the Cons’ clocks. We’re also poised to become potheads (which means far fewer folks in jail for enjoying weed), and it looks like I’ll be shopping for the appropriate attire for attending weddings in. I’ve only got the one dress I like, and several sets of friends in committed same-sex relationships. Yay, wedding bells! I’ve always said they should be allowed to suffer enjoy wedded bliss like us heteros.

Ladies: give yourselves a round of applause and drinkage. Women pwned the politial world tonight!

I’d like to extend hearty congratulations to probable Governor Jay Inslee. Woot!

I’m pretty proud of my state right now.

And I’m proud of the majority of my country. A bare majority, mind you, but still a majority.

(As for those of you who voted for Mittens, until you’ve perfected the “I’m sorry I was so stupid, and I’ll never be that stupid ever again” speech, you can kindly never speak to me again.)

My uterus and I are going to attempt to concentrate on Mount St. Helens research now. It’s hard – we’re both grinning like idiots and a bit bouncy. It’s just damned nice to know that we’ll be employed, have health care, and won’t have Cons poking about our persons. Huzzah!

Let Breathing Recommence

12 thoughts on “Let Breathing Recommence

  1. 1

    Ooo! well, better a bouncing uterus than a bouncing volcano! Of course, bouncing volcano’s are interesting, as long as they’re not boiling half the state. *breathing commences* I’m thankful Inslee won. Yep. I agree, and besides lack of health care and not breathing tend to not go well together. A bit off topic, but I had a $1000 Urgent Care bill recently because my daughter needed a nebulizer treatment for asthma. She didn’t even see a doctor, she saw an NP. Had no labs or xrays or anything else. The prednisone should have only cost a couple dollars at best. I expected a couple hundred dollars at most just walking through the door because that’s how it is, but oh my word – that much? It is horrendous the profits that are being made, health care could be more affordable for everyone. No excuse for that bill to be so much.

  2. rq

    Very happy for all of you, too.
    And yes, if a string of weddings is in the works, a new dress or two is a fine excuse to attend them. ;)
    I’m very, very impressed with all the women stats. I hope, hope, hope it makes an actual difference to all of the regular people on the ground; I really hope it signals a change in the direction of current thinking.
    Yay you and your uterus, and good luck with the reasearch – hopefully there will be a new Mount St. Helens post up soon, too! That would be like… like a birthday, but almost better! :)

  3. 3

    hopefully there will be a new Mount St. Helens post up soon, too! That would be likeā€¦ like a birthday, but almost better! :)

    LOL! I needed to hear that – four papers about directed blasts later, my brain is melting and I’m considering changing my focus to strictly lolcats. Now I know soldiering on is worth it! Directed blasts, here we come!

  4. 4

    I remember where I was this time 4 years ago (wow it has been that long!!)
    I was on a flight from Perth Aust, to Sydney Aust, and it was getting close to the end for the Election. I WAS going to sleep but instead I watched the results live via the Satellite feed on board the Aircraft.
    Today I was driving when the call was made and its a good thing it was a lonely country road as I was whooping and hollering and waving my arms around like a mad man :-)
    I know some people on twitter are getting sick of people thanking the US for making the right decision and asking us to stop as it sounds condescending and while that may be true, I still feel we need to remind those people that MILLIONS of people still voted for Romney so a bit of gentle chiding may be in order.

  5. rq

    Dana @2
    Oh but I’m perfectly serious. :) I love those posts.

    Atheist Chaplain @3
    I think a whole lot more thanking and praise for making the right decision might get through to some of those who think it doesn’t make a difference. Let them be reminded that they are not alone in the world, and that the decisions they make on their home soil can have far-reaching repercussions.

  6. 6

    Not another Mount St. Helens post, I’m still trying to catch up on all that you have already done!

    The really weird thing is that I was in college in Spokane and I don’t recall being aware of this happening until THE eruption. In fact, when they closed the library (where I was working on a computer project) and said that Mount St. Helens had erupted, most of us were saying “yeah, right” – until we walked out into the ash fall.

  7. 7

    looks like we did well here in PA too. As you’ve said, whew, no immediate going back a 1000 years thanks to wannabee theocrats. Now cue the claims of the end times, the world ending next month, and how the tea party will insist that they were duped into electing a Mormon and Roman Catholic thus offending their god.

  8. 8

    Marriage in Washington isn’t quite a done deal yet: we have to keep the current lead as the remaining ballots are counted, and with an mail-election, that could take weeks. The diva won’t be singing until December 6, when the Secretary of State certifies the results.

    It does make me wish I was still in the wedding business, though.

  9. 9

    Huzzah! And Elizabeth Warren! And there’s one New England state (sorry, forgot which one) that now has a woman governor, woman senator, and woman representative — they’re weren’t messing around.

    On a sad note, however, Sheriff Arpaio was re-elected. Ah well, can’t win ’em all, I suppose.

    Looking forward to Rosetta Stone posts, naturally.

  10. 10

    Yay, more St. Helens-ey goodness to come!

    I pretty much agree with your assessment of our president, but it was a choice of him or someone completely clueless. First do no harm, and all that.

  11. 11

    Yeah yeah, celebrate now, but when Obama, unencumbered by reelection, finally announces his plans to outlaw capitalism, confiscate all firearms so they can be recycled into windmills and solar panels, and then hand over all power to the homosexualist mooslim space lizards living under Area51 (peace be upon them), you’ll change your tune right quick!

    But seriously, stay safe out there, kids. When the glorious apocalypse the crazies are so lusting for fails to materialize, no doubt some of them will decide to do their part to hasten it along.

    (as someone living in an environment where everything within a 200-mile radius is nothing but clay clay clay clay pine trees clay clay and clay, the geology posts come across to me as nothing more than unabashed gloating. grrrrr!)

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