To Patheos, Re: Our New Bloggers

Dear Patheos,

After having seen our ranks decimated* by your network, we here at Freethought Blogs have finally recovered enough to add two excellent new bloggers: Avicenna and NonStampCollector. You probably noticed them the instant they appeared, but for the edification of others, I shall proceed to say a bit about them anyway.

Avicenna is a British medical student of Indian descent who is completing his clinical training in India. He’s genius. We folks who live and work in countries dominated by the three “great” monotheistic religions don’t know how good we’ve got it. Yes, these religions can be nasty, brutish and theocratic, but there is at least only one god** to contend with. Avicenna has to deal with a million (numeric 1,000,000 or French “holy fuck that’s a shitload of gods!”). And he does it brilliantly, while also taking on a plethora of other issues. I think he may even have sparked the beginnings of the logical evolution of Rickrolling, which in this case would be Psyrolling, or some clever word I’ve not come up with. Despite that, I’ve been enjoying his work immensely.

NonStampCollector is a superbly talented Australian living in Japan whose YouTube videos helped preserve my sanity during costume-sewing madness. He made me laugh hard enough to stab myself with a needle more than once. I now have an arsenal of videos for lobbing at literalists. Here is one:

His blog often takes ridiculous comments from his YouTube channel and skewers them mercilessly.

These are our new bloggers. They are awesome. We’re excited they’re here. And no, you can’t have them. Don’t even try.


Dana Hunter


*For the pedants: yes, it was a decimation. We have ~30 blogs, and they took 3: Libby Anne, JT, and Dan. That’s a tenth. So shh before you start.

**Or, if you count a certain way, three. Or one god plus thousands of saints. Or 3 gods + 1,000s of saints. Still: not a million.

To Patheos, Re: Our New Bloggers

5 thoughts on “To Patheos, Re: Our New Bloggers

  1. rq

    It’s not like we necessarily got the better end of the deal, but we certainly haven’t suffered for it. Now to keep the rest of you FtB bloggers out of Patheos’ cold, electronic, lifeless hands… :)

    That being said, I’ve always wondered – if the banana is proof of intelligent design, because it is just SO DESIGNED to be eaten by humans, then – are grapes the intelligent creation of the devil? Or something? Because they come in these little individually packaged berries that are the perfect size and texture to lodge in one’s throat and thus suffocate to death. (I was inspired by an article aimed at parents about what kinds of foods children should avoid – among them, grapes and hot dogs, but not for the health risks that come to mind.)
    Ray Comfort = bananas in my mind, hence the aside.

  2. 5

    Oh, right – Chris. I should’ve remembered! One of the religious Patheos bloggers was calling him “Mr. Halq” during some argument they had recently and I kept screaming “It’s Hallquist you idiot!”at my screen. Poor Chris. First that, now this.

    Anyway. The point still stands – HANDS OFF OUR REMAINING BLOGGERS, PATHEOS!

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