9 Billion Hours of Sewing Succeed

The Information Twins were a definite hit. In fact, we’re thinking of doing it again next year, with some improvements in the costume department. Not being able to stuff poor Captain TMI into his Superman suit in order to do a proper fitting led to some issues, but we made it through.

Captain TMI and Golden Silence, ready to fight – um, whatever. We actually don’t know what our superhero schtick is.

I’ll have more pics later. For now, I’m going to eat, watch teevee, and not sew a stitch nor paint a prop. I’m tired beyond belief. Arglebargle. How the fuck does making costumes take so much out of a person? Oh, right – no sewing machine. I’m glad most of you who were making costumes had sewing machines. Soooo much easier with a machine.

I’ll have some geology for you later. Which do you want first: the next installment of Rivers, or the final stop on our OSU Geo tour?

I hope my east coast of North America readers are safe and well. I’m sorry Sandy fucked up your Halloween. And if your cell service is down, rest assured we’re fixing it. Even whilst wearing costumes.

9 Billion Hours of Sewing Succeed
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14 thoughts on “9 Billion Hours of Sewing Succeed

  1. rq

    I bow before your costume-making abilities. You both look super, and I think the fact that Captain TMI had to be squeezed into his costume just adds to the charm! He looks very brave, and you look very mysterious.
    As for what’s next, I would liiiiike… Final Stop on the Geotour. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s a tough choice either way.

  2. 5

    Love the idea behind Captain TMI. I may have to borrow that one for next year. The Golden Silence is very nice, too: did you consciously model it on the kind of women’s clothing common to Islamic countries?

    As for what next, we’ll be getting both eventually. I’m happy with anything.

  3. 7

    I love that you (apparently) wore them to work! Every time I pay my outlandish cell phone bill, I try to remind myself that some of it’s going to you.

  4. F

    Heh heh. Wicked.

    I loves me things fluvial, but wrap up the geotour first if that is popular. (I guess that’s like a vote for Rivers which can be completely ignored. I’m in no hurry. :D)

  5. 11

    Been off the grid for a while (you may have heard there was a little storm back east) but if I may venture, at some risk of being labeled a MRA, you have beautiful eyes. But I promise not to try to fondle them.

  6. 12

    Thanks for the compliments & comments, my darlings! I wish you could have seen Captain TMI’s face as he read – he was delighted. You all made his day. And mine!

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