Oh, Hai – You Can Buy Our Book Nao!

There ’tis, on Amazon: The Best Science Writing Online 2012, with me and Chris Rowan right on the cover. We’re also inside. Scha-weet! It’s even available for Kindle. You can buy it today.

Open Lab 2012 cover

But, y’know, if you buy the paperback, and we meet in meatspace one o’ these days, and you happen to have that book upon you, I can, y’know, autograph it if you like.

Interviews will be coming up, and perhaps I’ll lay in a few copies for contests here and there, so watch this space. And, y’know, maybe possibly purchase the book. It’s stuffed full of really quite good science writing. And if you’ve got one of those cantankerous relations who likes to drone on and on about how useless blogs are, this might be just the book to hand them in order to effect a swift reappraisal. Every single essay in here started life as a blog post, ye know. And they’re just a sample, a bit of cream dabbed off the top of a towering mound o’ cream, as it were. The science blogosphere is one of the best parts of the internet. And now a small selection of it resides between covers, just waiting to be opened by someone who wasn’t expecting the strange new worlds they’ll find within.

Who needs science fiction when science fact is quite wonderful enough? Okay, well, most of us need our science fiction, too, admittedly, but as a seasoning rather than the main course.

Dig in!

Oh, Hai – You Can Buy Our Book Nao!

5 thoughts on “Oh, Hai – You Can Buy Our Book Nao!

  1. rq

    “Praise for previous editions:

    “[C]onsistently picks the best of the best blogs. Read it.” —Ivan Oransky, MD, Executive Editor, Reuters Health and Blogger, Embargo Watch and Retraction Watch”

    Now I have to find cheap shipping to Europe.

  2. Ann

    I just bought my copy on kindle!! I look forward to reading it.
    Congratulations on finally getting published– I always felt you could do it!!!! I hope you continue to get things published.

  3. 5

    I am nearly in the middle of the book (I just finished page 153) and so am inspired to do a few things.

    1. Make my own blogging known http://www.respectfulempiricist.com
    2. Take a geology or natural geography course at the community college (I have advanced degrees in social sciences but want some bragging rights-I have college credits from the previous 5 decades and ought to get at least 3 credits from this decade)
    3. Spend more time studying geology if there are no appropriate courses for me.

    Thanks for a great article in the book and I’ll be a frequent visitor to this site.

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