New at Rosetta Stones: A Walk in the Forearc

I’m sorta-kinda back, my darlings! I’ve written up a nice little hike you can take should you ever find yourself down Corvallis way. A few hundred feet, and you can see many of those important bits of subduction zones you so often see in diagrams.

So there’s a bit o’ geology for ye, and some nice photos. It’s been a long time since we’ve had that!

Updates below the fold, for them as wants ’em.

In other news, I’ve learnt an important lesson: if you spend two weeks being a lazy bum, doing nothing but lying round reading with the occasional amble down the parking lot to look at the frogs but no other appreciable exercise, it’s a very bad idea to suddenly take it into your head to clean your entire apartment top-to-bottom whilst you’re offline. At least, it’s an incredibly silly thing to do when this entails hoofing the recycling down three flights of stairs. I’d let the cans pile up a bit, so this required several trips. Up and down the stairs. Up and down. Up and down, and down and up, and then scrubbing floors, and pushing the vacuum cleaner round, and stretching up to get things down, and hauling rocks from various spots to other spots, exercising all the major and minor muscle groups which had lain dormant so long… you get the picture. I haven’t been able to walk properly for two days now. Ow.

My brain is still in a bit of a haze, which has led to research being put on hold while I give it a rest. And emails are piling up in the inbox. Sigh. I shall get round to them, my dears, never fear. Someday.

But I haven’t had a single cigarette, and the house is mostly lovely, and I’ve read lots of things by 19th century freethinkers, and found some more feisty freethought women whom I think you’ll adore, so that’s something. The cat learned how to tell me when she wishes to go out on the porch, since she can’t count on me heading out there for a smokie anymore, and that’s adorable. Old kittehs can learn new tricks!

Eating continues apace. This seems to be the major way I’m compensating for no longer smoking: enjoying quality kitchen time with fresh ingredients. I’m thinking of writing up recipes. Anyone interested?

It’s been a necessary break. But lying abed reading is losing its appeal. My fingers have begun itching for a pen. Time to write again. Things may remain a bit light, as I’ve got a fuck-ton of research to do before I can continue our Mount St. Helens series, and as I said, brain haze hasn’t completely cleared. I’ve got a salvaged shelving unit that’ll be perfect for displaying rocks, but it needs some intensive TLC before it’s ready. The weather’s hinting it might not suck this Labor Day. I also have a hankering for Doctor Who, and damn it, I’m gonna watch it. So, don’t expect wonders from me just yet, but I do have a few nice things for ye, and I’ll get them going.

Thank you for standing by, my darlings. Your support has been a major factor in my ability to refrain from smoking – without that, I probably would’ve said “Fuck it” and gone back to it, I miss it that much. And thank you for understanding why I needed to walk away for a bit.

Your patience shall be rewarded. I have some gorgeous stuff waiting for you. Stay tuned…

New at Rosetta Stones: A Walk in the Forearc
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6 thoughts on “New at Rosetta Stones: A Walk in the Forearc

  1. F


    Yeah, that low-physical to high-physical transition thingumie? That can be rough on yer. I do it almost every month. I go from very physical work to less-physical (or less work) in cycles. It is teh suck.

    OK, I’m off for my geo-candy at SciAm. More power to you.

  2. 3

    Cool! It would appear we actually drove past Mary’s Peak a little over a week ago, but didn’t know what to look for and lacked the time anyhow. Another trip to Oregon is clearly in order!

  3. 4

    Welcome back, Dana. You have been sorely missed.

    The first thing I noticed after quitting was how the house smelt of smoke and I did the same as you, major housework including re-decorating. It was worth it and made a fresh start.

    Keep it up and don’t hurry back, we’ll wait for you.

  4. 5

    I took a couple of geo intructor up Marys Peak last Friday… Bob Lillie, who was my geophys prof, and the person with whom I’ll be doing the Willamette Valley Geo Workshop on 9/15, said it was the “most thorough and complete trip he’d ever had up there.” *Blush,* fer sure!

  5. rq

    Very nice post and definitely a great read for an armchair internet-travelling geologist wannabe like me. :) I’m inspired to do a few geological-type tours in my neighbourhood – there’s that stepped creek about an hour away that’s calling to me.

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