New at Rosetta Stones: Risk

I’ll have the answer to our geologic riddle tomorrow. I’ve got all the bits now, thanks to Lockwood, but I ran short of time. Had to get our next installment of Prelude to a Catastrophe written, didn’t I? And by the time I finished, it was five in the bloody ay-em, wasn’t it? Yep.

Locked gate on Highway 504, leading to Mount St. Helens. USGS Photograph taken on May 3, 1980, by C.Dan Miller.

So go enjoy some risks in the meantime.

Mount St. Helens from YMCA camp. Skamania County, Washington. April 27, 1980. Image courtesy USGS.


New at Rosetta Stones: Risk

4 thoughts on “New at Rosetta Stones: Risk

  1. rq

    Only a week left to wait!
    Those photos of David Johnston walking down to the crater made my heart leap every time I scrolled past them.
    Also. In reading these installments I find it constantly strange to talk about a mountain – usually something more-or-less permanent to human eyes, being made of such ‘immovable stuff’ as rocks – growing and changing at such speeds. Like all of it is alive and quite literally waking up (giants and all that). It’s… I don’t know how to describe it, incongruous and somehow perspective-changing. Imbues everyday, complacent living on with just a bit of risk.
    I mean, if the earth can move, what else could happen?
    Great stuff.

  2. 4

    Your story and choice of pictures were, once again, so riveting! The pictures of Dave Johnston going down into the crater were great. I should email Rick Hoblitt (photographer) and ask him about that experience. It all looks so hair-raisingly scary! I took pause when I saw that picture of the trailer set up at the new Coldwater Camp 5 miles away, thinking it was safe. That was the trailer my dad and mom used each summer when my dad (Dwight Crandell) was doing his research on Mount St. Helens in the 1970s. He would pull it around to wherever he needed it to do his work. They never found a trace of that trailer after May 18th, 1980.

    Dana, I sent you an email but didn’t get a response. Maybe I don’t have your correct email address?

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