Secular Woman Launches

First came American Atheists adopting a Code of Conduct, and now Secular Woman has launched. It’s been a good week!

I had no idea Secular Woman was in the works (shows how dialed in I am, right?), but this is wonderful. I’ve read over their mission statement and values, and this looks like the kind of thing women in this movement need: a coalition of secular women who can address issues that disproportionately impact women. Especially when it comes to health and reproductive issues, we need a strong secular organization that can focus attention on Religious Right shenanigans. There are just too many politicians out there fueled by a base whose idea of proper women combines domestic servant with incubator, they’re passing odious laws, and they’re trying to take us back to a very dark age. There’s all manner of other idiocy to deal with. It will be nice to have a central organization that can fight this dumbfuckery from a secular woman’s perspective.

They’re also keeping a list of organizations that have adopted harassment policies. If your organization is one of those, get that information submitted!

If you’ve got a local group of godless ladies, let them know.

And watch for the speaker’s list to grow.

There’s all sorts of excellent stuff there. Check out the site, and if you’ve got $20, join up! I certainly intend to, once I’ve got extra cash.

Hell, you may even see me pop up on that list of speakers someday. I can talk about, y’know, stuff. And wave around shiny rocks. (I’ll wave around shiny rocks no matter what I’m talking about, so if you’re in to geology, come hear me even if my talk’s about caring for homicidal felids without supernatural assistance.)

If you’ve got something to say, and you’ve joined up, get your name on that list so we might end up speaking at the same conference! One with, mind you, a harassment policy.

Secular Woman Launches

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