New(ish) at Rosetta Stones: Sunset Crater

Yes, this is a repost. No, I wasn’t able to write up our next installment of Mount St. Helens yum. But at least I gave you esplodey things! And some of you may never ever have seen this post before. Even for those who have, the pictures have been prettied up, so it’ll be all fresh and lovely. Enjoy!

I’m going to go beg my uterus to stop hurting me now… ow.

New(ish) at Rosetta Stones: Sunset Crater

3 thoughts on “New(ish) at Rosetta Stones: Sunset Crater

  1. rq

    Ah, the uterus. Dormant only for so long. Too bad it doesn’t use a geological time-scale, haha. :P
    Great pictures and video on that post, but all that mention of uteri attacking made weird associations: uterus -> volcano -> lava flow etc. Subconscious influence? :)

  2. 3

    Sunset Crater was one of my favorite places as a child. Haven’t been back there in ages. Great article, even though I actually already knew most of the geology. Hooray for Flagstaff public schools (unless maybe I just picked it up on my own).

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