One thought on “I Promised Thee a Geokitteh, and a Geokitteh Thee Shall Have

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    English pronouns have nominative and accusative forms, so…

    I / me
    thou / thee
    he, she, it / him, her, it

    we / us
    you / you
    they / them

    Also, before the second person singular was dropped, auxiliary verbs like shall were still being conjugated to agree with the subject in person and number. The second person singluar of “shall” is “shalt.”

    And, if you wanted to be fully accurate, back then there was a significant different between “shall” and “will.” “Shall” was the normal auxiliary; “will” was used for added emphasis. Since you are definitely giving a geokitteh, you probably want to use “will.” The second person singular would be “wilt.”

    Then again, since you are speaking to your readers, plural, the singular form is a bit inaccurate.

    Not to be pedantic or anything.

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