The Doctor

Okay, people, this is cool beyond words. Not only has my cherished friend Evelyn Mervine become Doctor Evelyn Mervine, she’s regenerated her Geology Word of the Week. And what’s the first word she chose?


Dude. Doctor. Time. She’s an honorary Time Lord, and with apologies to Doctor Who, she’s way cooler (although I love the show dearly, mind you, and always will). The following, I think, demonstrates why I have an inordinate fondness for calling her The Doctor:

Although I considered other T words such as tafoni and tektite and tourmaline, after some musing I eventually decided that “time” is a fitting word for the resurrection of The Geology Word of the Week. Time seems an appropriate word because significant time has passed (on a human timescale, anyway) since I last posted a geology word. Also, I have spent much of the last few months thinking about time. Indeed, my PhD thesis even contains the word time. The title of my thesis is: Determining timescales of natural carbonation of Peridotite in the Samail ophiolite, Sultanate of Oman. My PhD is technically in Marine Geology, but if I were to describe my expertise in geology, I would probably describe myself as a geochronologist and geochemist who enjoys using isotopes and other geochemical tools to constrain ages of rocks and rates for various geologic processes.

Yeah, she’s practically a Time Lord. All she needs now is a TARDIS.

So, go read her post, which explains time in a bit more detail than this:

But does it just as brilliantly.

And for those with no clue what I’m talking about…


The Doctor

5 thoughts on “The Doctor

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    I love the first video explaining time. Like, seriously. Just what I needed today.

    And though I’ve never claimed to be any kind of geologist, I think I will be popping over to read the Doctor’s post. After all, if you recommend it, it must be gold, yes?

  2. 2

    Geology Word of the Week: Bookmarked!

    Dr. Who: I feel sometimes that I’m the only nerd in the world who’s never watched Dr. Who. Of course, I’ve only had BBC America available for a few months so my only previous exposure was the old Tom Baker version on one of my local PBS stations. I never watched more than a couple of minutes of that because I couldn’t stand the extraordinarily cheesy effects. Guess I’ll have to give it a look.

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