Subscribing to Rosetta Stones, Mark II: Email (Hopefully)

This should be the magic link that will take you to the beautiful land of unicorns and rainbows and the possibility of subscribing to Rosetta Stones by email:

Subscribe to Rosetta Stones by Email

There’ll be an official SciAm way to do it someday, but for now, Feedburner it is.

I’ve also put up a Suggestion Box. So far, there’s only one new suggestion rattling round in it. Want moar! If you have trouble commenting there, you can drop your suggestions in here. Ditto with any issues you’re experiencing: if there’s anything not working properly, let me know about it. I want you to be happy! Rainbows, unicorns, etc.

Substantial content will be along shortly.


Subscribing to Rosetta Stones, Mark II: Email (Hopefully)

4 thoughts on “Subscribing to Rosetta Stones, Mark II: Email (Hopefully)

  1. 2

    “Holy Calcium carbonate Batman!!”
    “I see it Robin, the Joker has put limestone in our beer.”

    I got a mention on SciAm, uh hu, uh hu…

    Thanks dana, I would love to hear more about Limestone. I can get some really cool photos of some of the areas I’ve climbed. The formations are beautiful. One area I lived near, Columbia CA, was hydraulically mined which exposed some awesome formations.

    I do have one other suggestion. Considering the formation of the Sierra Nevada, I’ve never quite understood the distinctions between granite types. You know the very hard white, speckled stuff ;0 It varies quite a bit.
    Also, Some areas I climb have those long horizontal, regularly spaced dikes. I’d love to know how those form.

  2. 4

    Oooo, photos would be awesome! Yahoo knows me as dhunterauthor. Also, you can haz granite. I’m not sure when, but we’ll do it! I need to brush up on that subject anyway, and this gives me the perfect excuse. Thanks!

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