Sign the Petition for Trans Rights

It infuriates me that we have to have discussions like this in the 21st Century. It outrages me that we have to beg people to give folks their basic human rights. Why haven’t we reached the point where it’s obvious to even the dimmest and most backward among us that it’s not okay to deny people jobs, relationships, safety and their lives simply because they’re transsexual?

Oh. Right. Bronze Age religious bullshit and the general population’s total inability to consider the humanity of people different from them.

We need to give society a push in the right direction.

First, read Natalie’s piece on the Canadian bill that would give trans folks a chance a regular, decent lives.

Then go sign the petition to make it happen.

We can make a difference. We must.

Sign the Petition for Trans Rights

3 thoughts on “Sign the Petition for Trans Rights

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    We live in a world where contraception is being attacked. Where more than half the population is looked upon as sub-human. Where people are no longer individuals but a commodity to be exploited by politicians and corporations.

    Nothing surprises me anymore. Disgusts me, depresses me and confounds me, but not surprises. Petition signed.

  2. 3

    Although discrimination..
    (on the basis of characteristics that are not part of the essence of humanness) the government (or other “public” institutions) is wrong, discrimination by private individuals is not.

    Our country was founded on the Enlightenment understanding of Individual Rights, and part of that is that although the government is (supposed to be) limited to is enumerated functions, individuals are limited only by the individual rights of others.

    …and the only way that individual rights can be violated is by the initiation of physical force (and, maybe, fraud)

    And although a rational person sees clearly that “discrimination”..
    (ie: as coined, or at least brought into vogue, by the Politically Correct movement, over its prior & proper meaning) almost never in the actual self-interest of the discriminator.. remains that – in non-totalitarian societies – government does not interfere with such individual choices.

    The loss of this understanding has caused major undeserved misery – and will continue to do so until enough people challenge the principles that they emerged from school (say) with.

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