Yet Moar Weapons-Grade Cute: Interspecies Edition

So what if the war is over? We’ve got all kinds of war memorabilia, and no reason not to show it off to like-minded collectors.

And if you don’t like it, kitteh will pwn you:

It’s a good thing they sleep sometimes. Otherwise, we’d never get a good photo without bleeding.

It appears it’s not just humans who find kittehs cute. I haz evidens:

And kittehs loves them some bunneh, not always at dinnertime:

We acquired a kitten with an inordinate fondness for our Holland Lop. When she was smaller than the bunny, we let the two of them play together. They’d gallop through the house with the cat riding the rabbit, chasing each other, and generally raising all kinds of ruckus, until they got too tired. Then they’d flop down, one atop the other, and pant until they got their breath back, then they’d be up and at it again. When we put the bunny back in its cage, kitteh and bunny would sit as close as they could get to each other and sulk.

Nightmare and Ashley

We tried to separate them when the kitten grew bigger than the rabbit, but they pouted until we relented. The two of them remained fast friends until the day that bunny died. Our fears that the kitteh would one day remember her essentially antagonistic carnivore-vs-prey relationship was never realized. Our calico, who had once brought home a jackrabbit three times her size she’d caught and killed on the hop, was absolutely disgusted by the situation.

Finally, for the geos in the audience, a fine example of a concretion:

Yet Moar Weapons-Grade Cute: Interspecies Edition

4 thoughts on “Yet Moar Weapons-Grade Cute: Interspecies Edition

  1. 1

    My cat used to sit next to my rat cage and lean against it, so the rat could groom him, which she did with considerable attention to detail.

    The final picture shows how absolutely kittens sleep.

  2. F

    I’ve been immunized by back-to-back programming of Too Cute kittens edition and Must Love Cats Japan (which includes the cat cafés).

    I lie, of course. Squee!

  3. 4

    It is the too cute. The attack kitteh and the monstrous bunny! The most foul tempered creature you’ve ever seen with huge fangs and…………….

    And so on.

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