Well, I'm Back

Thought I’d best check in and let you all know I made it home. The drive home through sheets of standing water on the freeways was interesting, which meant I never even came close to getting sleepy. When I got in, the cat freaked out and I discovered some rat bastard had stolen an hour from me. Judging from my Twitter stream, many of my friends experienced the same loss. It must be an international ring – or Daylight Savings Time.

I am now lodged in bed with a clingy cat trying to think of ways to get other people to bring me a burger from Teddy’s Bigger Burger. I’d post some photos, but the computer’s in the other room. Don’t wanna walk to get it. Don’t ever wanna walk again. Not until the next geotrip.

While I recover, you can check out @lockwooddewitt on Twitter for photos and snippets. He’ll have you covered. I’ll have something up tonight, but it’ll probably be photos with comments like “Pretty!” or “Shiny!” or similar, as my brain is pretty much flatlining.

But I think you’ll agree when you see the results that body aches, brain death, and turning my cat from a proudly homicidal independent entity into a pathetic mass of insecurity was totally worth it.

Well, I'm Back
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4 thoughts on “Well, I'm Back

  1. 1

    so glad you made it home — was forking wet last night – and windy.

    you do realize that she will pay you back for that transformation doncha know … when you least expect it

  2. 2

    Here’s the direct link to the photos: https://twitter.com/#!/lockwooddewitt/media/grid Click on 1st to enlarge and see accompanying text/note, then use -> key to proceed back. 28 photos so far.

    And, yes, totally worth it. It just doesn’t feel that way right now. I think the only thing that doesn’t hurt is my fingernails. Not sure about toenails; can’t feel much below my ankles.

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