My Readers Triumph

The unidentified flower which tormented so many for so long torments no more. Ann drilled down to the exact species, with help from Achrachno, with Adrian and F hot on her heels. And here it is, the Mount Hood Pussypaws, Cistanthe umbellata.

Mount Hood Pussypaws, image credit Walter Siegmund, Wikimedia Commons

That is indubitably it. Excellent job, my botanical detectives! I’ll be keeping a special eye out for specimens this summer: it’s become our flower, and your triumph.

The question now becomes, do I show you a kindness and only post stuff I’ve (roughly) identified? Or was this exercise in botanical mystery solving something you care to repeat again in the future?

My Readers Triumph

5 thoughts on “My Readers Triumph

  1. Ann

    I always like learning something new. I was curious about those flowers and started to look for more information on Calptridiums when I came across Cistanthe umbellata and realize that was what that flower was. I had never seen a flower like that before and wanted more details about it.
    You take great pictures and that helped a lot too. So bring on some more. I love learning about new flowers I’m not familiar with, and never having lived in the area I’m sure there is a lot of stuff out there that will be new to me.

  2. F

    Well, I’d say I was teh suck as a detective, but I certainly enjoy trying to identify interesting things. I applaud those who knew what they were looking at, or knew how to figure it out. (Loud clapping noises fromOhio.)

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