Scenes from Snowpocalyse 2012

This bird’s arse illustrates how I feel about yesterday:

We’re snowed in. I took the day off, and spoke to various relatives regarding deceased and mentally disabled relatives, and prepared to put out a few brush fires which I shall tell you about when we know whether they’re truly out or liable to erupt into a crown fire. Then I snapped this picture of a bird’s arse through the window, because I am cooped up inside and getting bored. It turned around a moment later and presented a more suitable angle for photography:

Cujo has a rather more flattering portrait of a similar bird. They were adorable. They were also the only entertainment on offer.

Relations spoken to, equipment in readiness for some firefighting on the morrow (now today), I found myself no longer amused by bird butts, and bundled up to walk to Staples. I’ve been deprived of bookstores due to snowstorms since Sunday. I’m out of the turn-of-the-century detective literature I’m craving. So, I thought, I’d get myself a tablet. That way, I could sneer at the weather and just download whatever the fuck I pleased, thus thumbing my nose at the weather whilst still being able to comfortably read in bed.

Staples, however, had closed due to weather. Bastards. How dare they care for their employees’ well-being when I’m literature-deprived? And then, having denied me the chance at a tablet, make me applaud them for their good sense and kindness in allowing their employees to head home while there was still a chance of making it there alive?

There was nothing left to do but drop by my friend Starspider’s apartment and help torture her cat.

This is Galahad, learning that outside is made of cold, wet and pain. We did this to him because he thought outside was made of birds and rainbows and fun, and threatened to run out into traffic. We think he’s been disabused of these tendencies.

This is Galahad considering whether or not to murder his mother. He decided if he did, the chances of the door being opened were minimal, so he refrained.

We tortured the cat until we’d finished our cigarettes, then relented. He still loves us. I’m not sure why. And before you have too much sympathy for him, remember he’s a long-haired cat who never even got damp, and it was ultimately for his own good. He has not, as yet, asked to go back outside, so the experiment so far seems successful.

This experiment will not be repeated with my cat. I value my life.

The snow’s lingering. Next course on the weather menu is a bit more snow and possibly some freezing rain, followed by a rapid warming, which will mean flooding and possible landslides. Fun and more fun. At least it doesn’t do this often.

I took some good images of my outdoor rocks dusted with snow. In our next edition of Scenes from Snowpocalyse 2012, I’ll find some clever things to say about them. Either that, or I’ll just post them without comment, chuck my cat into a snowdrift as a distraction, and flee. Or I could take the safe route and direct you toward Starspider’s post on bitters. For now, it’s time for another dose of Rex Stout. I believe I’ll filch Archie Goodwin’s personality for dealing with counselors, lawyers and snow today. It could come in useful, especially as a tool for retaining my sanity.

Scenes from Snowpocalyse 2012

7 thoughts on “Scenes from Snowpocalyse 2012

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    As for cat experiments – not good lab subjects. Your post brought to mind this from Mark Twain:

    A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.

    This may also apply to folks who put cats in snowdrifts. I do enjoy your blog, BTW.

  2. 4

    Always funny to take a cat out into the snow for the first time! I’m glad it seems to have had the intended effect.

    You can download books to your computer/smartphone, and then read them on a program. I know there’s one for Kindle and GoogleBooks. It’s not quite the same, but it might get you out of this book-deprived state.

  3. 5

    Erm…Staples sells books?

    Never mind. Try for all sorts of public domain books for free.

    I love Nero and Archie. You also might like D.L. Sayers’ comment: I’ve always thought that a bland and deadly courtesy is more effective (or words to that effect, somewhere in “Gaudy Night”).

    My cat in his first snow pulled a foot up, shook it, put it down, lifted the second foot, shook it, put it down, lifted the third foot, shook it, put it down, and on and on. Very slow progress.

  4. 7

    Sweet little junco! I had some at my feeder, too, but was much more excited by the Varied Thrush I spotted out there picking up the seeds I scattered for the ground feeders. Juncos are fairly common in my neighbourhood but I hadn’t seen any Varied Thrushes around here (Grays Harbor county).

    Nice kitty, too. I kept my little furball inside; she thought she wanted to go out in it but I know she would have been made if I had let her do it!

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