Hey, Geos! Ask Me What Time It Is!

You know the answer, you do. It’s always beer-thirty:

The featured comments are hysterical. But if you need more than this video and the persuasive point that empty beer cans make a great field seismograph, allow me to provide you all the justification you need:

So there you have it. Beer is important, people. Geologists have had it right all along. And if anyone argues that point, and says this television program was too filled with hyperbole and shaky logic and outrageous extrapolation to take seriously, give them another beer. They’ll soon come round.


Hey, Geos! Ask Me What Time It Is!

4 thoughts on “Hey, Geos! Ask Me What Time It Is!

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    That reminds, Dana, we need to get you over to Le Casa De (del?) Caos Calmo (Bite me, google translate!) for Beer Brewing Night or Wine Fermenting Night.

    We have a mission: Find and make a beer Corey likes. Given his hatred for hops, we may have to make the definition of “beer” a little… generous.

    Anyway, you’ve been linked. Toodle!

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