Los Links 12/23, Part I

You know, I meant to use the holiday to catch up on stuff. The best laid plans oft gang aft agley, as Burns put it.  But Los Links you expect, and Los Links you shall have, even though I’m going to have to break it into parts. Between family, friends, Castle, and the Muse – who showed up after a few weeks’ absence bubbling over with ideas – I’ve not had time to compile them all.

I think this’ll do for a start.


Occupy Wall Street

Slacktivist:  The very worst thing Nathan could imagine.

Portland Occupier:  Occupy Portland Outsmarts Police, Creating Blueprint for Other Occupations.

SmartPlanet: Ancient Rome had less income inequality than modern America.



GOOD: Why SOPA Could Kill the Open Education Resource Movement.



JREF: We’ve lost a giant.

The Staggers: Preview: Richard Dawkins interviews Christopher Hitchens and  Preview II: Richard Dawkins interviews Christopher Hitchens.

Daily Mail:  In Memoriam, my courageous brother Christopher, 1949-2011.

The Digital Cuttlefish: For Hitch.

The Daily Beast: Christopher Hitchens Is Hailed by Stephen Fry as a Man of Style and Wit.


Geopic Meme

Volcanoclast: More Geo-Pics of the Day – Lago de Nicaragua, What? There’s a Geysir called Geysir! Thursday Geo-picture and Friday Geo-Pic – Faulted Radiolarian Cherts.

Tannis Likes Rocks: Geology photo of the day – Friday.

Research at a Snail’s Pace: Friday Field Foto (Geopics, Day 5).

Geotripper: Geo-Picture-a-Day Week: Moon, Sky and Rock and Geo-Picture-a-Day Week: Hoodoo you do?

Paleoseismicity: Saturday Geology Picture: Delphi, Greece.

Tuff Guy: Saturday Geophoto: L’escargot and Sunday Photo: Aberystwyth Castle.



RRTeaching:  What genetics should all our students learn? (“Stop, you’re teaching the wrong stuff!”)

Ron Schott’s Geology Home Companion: On the Passing of Arnold Bouma.

WWJTD: Edge.

Future of Technology: Diapers made from silk and discarded shrimp shells?

Highly Allochthonous: Friday(ish) Focal Mechanism: a kinky slab beneath Mexico.

The Atlantic: The Year in Volcanic Activity.

Life, Unbounded: A Planet on Fire.

The Planetary Society Blog: What do we know about planetary rings? Quite a lot, actually!

Plugged In: Geoengineering? The Earth Doesn’t Need to Change – We Do.

Dkos Atlas: New Madrid at 200: A Disaster Deferred?

Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog: “The question is not whether sea ice loss is affecting the large-scale atmospheric circulation…it’s how can it not?”  

Science-Based Medicine: Alas poor Craniosacral. A SCAM of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.

The Science Essayist:  Lessons from Plants in Pain, or What We Talk About When We Talk to Ourselves.

Glacial Till: Post-Fall Term Musings.

Clastic Detritus: Friday Field Photo #162: Folded Quartzite in the Cape Fold Belt and What I Learned During My First Semester of Teaching.

Highly Allochthonous: Scenic Saturday: Mammoth Cave, where surface water and groundwater meet.

History of Geology: Geology of the Mountains of Madness.

RH Reality Check: Mainstream Media Perpetuates HPV Vaccine Mythology.

Reading the Washington Landscape: A Moment in Deep Time: Back to Back Unconformities on Highway 174.

Slobber and Spittle: Sunday Photo(s).

The Dragonfly Woman: Science Sunday: Online Citizen Science and Scientific Research.

Puff the Mutant Dragon: The poisoned wedding: a toxic love story.

Listverse: 10 More Common Faults in Human Thought.

Chaotically Flow-Banded: Carbonatite lavas of Ol Doinyo Lengai –with the actual movies this time!



The Passive Voice: Amazon Says Long Term And Means It.

The Business Rusch: Traditional Publishing and Its Suppliers.

SCBWI: Rethinking the Book Tour.

Nathan Bransford: Amazon vs. the Indies.

The Season Blog: How free is working for me!

Romance University: Sara Megibow Sells Romance – What Newbie Mistakes Have I Made As An Agent?

AARdvark: The Tipping Point Holiday.

Edittorrent: Call to action.

Annie R. Allen’s Blog: Why One Author Chose Traditional Publishing–And How to Decide if it’s Right for You.

Austin Kleon: How to Steal Like an Artist.

Patricia C. Wrede: When they don’t wanna.


Women’s Issues

Jezebel: Once And For All, It’s Time To Stop Blaming Rape On Women’s Drinking.

Retronaut: The Invisible Mother.

Fast Company:  The Case For Girls and The Case For Girls Infographic: Women In Numbers.


Atheism and Religion

No Longer Quivering: Daughter of the Patriarchy: Admissions.

The Friendly Atheist: Rogue Catholic Group Vandalizes Anglican Church Billboard.

The X Blog:  A scientist’s atheism must be declared along side his/her theory if taught in a New Hampshire public school.

The Huffington Post UK: Affair Baby At Risk Of ‘Honour Killing’ Must Be Adopted, Says Court Of Appeal.



The Planetary Society Blog: NASA and NOAA Hit Again by Across-the-Board Budget Cuts.

Mike the Mad Biologist: No, We Don’t Have to Pay Back Government Debt.

The Conscience of a Liberal: The Meaning of Mercury and Politifact, R.I.P.

Political Animal: PolitiFact ought to be ashamed of itself.


Society and Culture

Jezebel: Gay Dads Find Out They’re Going to be Grandpas, Epic Awesomeness Ensues.

Business Insider: Meet the Infomercial Scam King The Feds Just Nailed For $38 Million.

Wandering Gaia:  Gently into the night.

The Bloggess: The most fascinating dinner party IN THE WORLD.

The Atlantic: Facebook Tries to Find the Right System for Flagging Suicidal Behavior.

The Express Tribune: Agents of change: Girls armed with education fight for their rights.

The New York Times: Why Is the N.Y.P.D. After Me?

Los Links 12/23, Part I

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