Geoblogosphere Conglomerate II

Another hodge-podge of geologic goodness for your pleasure.

Brian Romans gets to walk by this enormous geologic map of China at work. I’m surrounded by corkboards filled with sad little corporate slogans. I must admit some jealousy.

Geological map of Asia on the wall in Braun Hall

Cartography can be beautiful, especially when it’s that fabulous swirl of color and texture that reveals the geology of a place.

Geology has a wonderful motto, too, courtesy of Volcanoclast:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/volcanoclast/status/146325266447347713″]

This summer, I’ll be shouting that every time I bring the hammer down on an outcrop. I suspect it will be fun.

And, for those of us pining for the days when El Hierro was trying to become the new Surtsey, a fabulous video from its glory days via Pablo J. Gonzalez:

Nobody has to ask why geology makes me so damned happy, right?

Geoblogosphere Conglomerate II

3 thoughts on “Geoblogosphere Conglomerate II

  1. F

    There’s nothing like a wall-sized map for actually being able to see what is going on at scale. Computer screens are just too damned small.

    Unfortunately, I’ve never had a geologist’s hammer, but I’ve got ten other kinds, plus chisels. Still, it ain’t the same. (Then again, it’s all clay, shale, and sandstone here. Mostly clay.)

  2. 3

    The Asia geologic map is actually at Stanford University (where I did my PhD, but not where I am now). I was visiting for an afternoon and just had to snap a picture.

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