Geoblogosphere Conglomerate I

Right. It’s the holidays, you’re likely all busy doing holiday stuff, and even if you’re trying to avoid all that, you’ve still got plenty of Los Links you haven’t caught up on. And I’ve got a file full of geologic odds and ends I’ve collected from Twitter and other sources that I’ve meant to do something with. Since it’s all kind of jumbled together and cemented by the common theme of geology, we’ll call it conglomerate, then, shall we?

Via Brian Romans, my favorite metamorphic facies diagram ever. Pay especial attention to the upper left category.

Metamorphic Facies Diagram

For those with a time-lapse addiction, check out Finding Oregon on Bad Astronomy. I swear to you, we will turn Phil Plait into a geologist someday. All right, maybe an astrogeologist, but it’ll still count.

From Lockwood, a fun practical joke. Keep this in mind if you’re subjected to relations you must distract before they launch into yet another long-winded description of some embarrassing personal problem:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/lockwooddewitt/status/142682463402065920″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/lockwooddewitt/status/142682979049803776″]

Scientists make the best magicians, really.

Here’s a little something beautiful Callan Bentley found:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/callanbentley/status/142679090393137152″]

And, finally, ammunition just in case someone questions the wisdom of having a geologist in the family.


Geoblogosphere Conglomerate I

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