Los Links 12/16

You may scream when you go down below. Los Links looks enormous, and it is. But there are a few things you should bear in mind:

1. It is a convenient excuse. No, you can’t go shopping / entertain the annoying houseguest / perform X unpleasant task, because you have to read all the links. Ever so sorry. It’s all Dana’s fault.

2. The Geophotomeme posts are, for the most part, extremely short.

3. You don’t have to read all of the links (despite what you’ve told people you’re trying to avoid). Just, y’know, most of them.

I’ll just leave you to get on with it, then.



Vanity Fair: Trial of the Will.

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: RIP Christopher Hitchens.

Rock Beyond Belief: Christopher Hitchens 1949 – 2011.

The New Yorker: Postscript: Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011.

Token Skeptic: We Lost Hitch. That Is All.

Why Evolution Is True: Christopher Hitchens is dead.

Greta Christina’s Blog: Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011.

Pharyngula: Hitch is not in heaven and The dark side of Hitchens.


Occupy Wall Street

Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports: An Open Letter from America’s Port Truck Drivers on Occupy the Ports.

Mad Art Lab: Artless & Broken: My Brother and Ows.

Salon: Busted for tweeting.

Assassin Actual: The Wrong Route.

Taylor Marsh: Occupy Bill of Rights Day.


Forbes Fatuousness

The X Blog: Forbes’ Gene Marks Needs To Check His Priv.

The Urban Scientist: If I were a wealthy white suburbanite.

Greta Christina’s Blog: “Even the worst have their best”: Forbes’ Gene Marks, the 1%, and the Luxury of Second Chances.

Pandagon: If I Were A Rich White Motivational Speaker.

On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess: Dear Black Kids, You Need to Work Harder! But Women Will Never Succeed!

Angry Black Lady Chronicles: “If I Were a Poor Black Kid…”

XOJane: If I Were A Rich White Man Pretending To Be A Poor Black Kid.

Southern Fried Science: If I were an unappreciated endangered shark.

The Atlantic: A Muscular Empathy.


Burzynski Clinic

The Guardian: Rhys Morgan: ‘They are trying to silence me’.

Respectful Insolence: Dr. Burzynski and the cult of personality of the “brave maverick cancer doctor”.


Geology Picture Meme

Georneys: Monday Geology Picture: A Gorgeous Cape Town Inselberg Tuesday Geology Picture: A Gneiss Double Arch Bridge in Valle Verzasca Thursday Geology Picture: Sandstone Statues in the Petra Siq, and Friday Geology Picture: Red, Red Las Vegas Rocks.

Research at a Snail’s Pace: Geology Pictures!, Geology Photos, Day 2Geology Photos, Day 3 – Quartz Arenite, and Geology Photos, Day 4 – Unintentionally Ironic.

Ron Schott’s Geology Home Companion: Some Swell Gypsum Veins, Hoodoos,

Paleoseismicity: Tuesday Geology Picture: Lake Marathon, Greece, Wednesday Geology Picture: Salty creek in Potash, UtahThursday Geology Picture: Iron-nickel mine in Albania,

Tuff Guy: Monday Geology Picture: Tilted ripples in the Pyrenees, Tuesday’s Geology Photo: Ngauruhoe, Wednesday Geophoto: Greek Fault, Thursday Geophoto: Isle of Skye, and Friday Geophoto: Iguazú Falls.

Knowledge Flocs:  Week of Photographs and Photo week continued: St Lucia.

Geotripper:  Geo-Picture-a-Day Week: Houses Made of (Former) Stone, and a Dog, Geo-Picture-a Day-Week: Grand Canyon National Park, Geo-picture a Day Week – Zion National Park, and Geo-Picture a Day Week: Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument.

The Geology P.A.G.E.:  Geology Pictures!!, Geology Photos – Part 2, Geology Pictures – Part 3, and  Geology Photo of the Day – Part 4.

Tannis Likes Rocks: Monday Geology Photos, Tuesday Geology Photo,

Earth-Like Planet: A Growing Collection of Geology Field Photos.

Volcanoclast: Geo-picture a Day? Count me in.


AGU 2011

Clastic Detritus: Wrap-up of the 2011 AGU Fall Meeting.

Highly Allochthonous: Thursday and Friday at AGU and All the blogging from AGU.



Dot Physics: Cannonballs: Size Matters.

Scientific American: How to Act Like a Psychopath without Really Trying [Excerpt].

Atomic-o-licious: The Science of Shoes (or the Lack There of).

Research at a Snail’s Pace: Thurs-Demo: The One with Frickin’ Laser Beams.

Scholarly Kitchen: Short, Silent, and Stunning — Comparing Earthquakes By Energy Release.

Skulls in the Stars: Mireya Mayor’s “Pink Boots and a Machete”.

Gizmodo: The Science of Taste Or: Why Dry-Aged Meat Is So Damned Delicious.

Slate: It’s Missing Louisville, Fresno, and Parts of Thailand.

Laelaps: The Squid and the Ape.

Not Necessarily Geology: Not Necessarily Geology Mountain Bike Guide: Part I.

Double X Science: Real science vs. fake science: How can you tell them apart?

Bloomburg Businessweek: Correlation or Causation?

The Chicago Tribune: Federal center pays good money for suspect medicine.

Berkeley Seismological Laboratory: Filling the Seismic Gap?

Earth-Literally: Underground Truth: Too crazy to be true?

Cross-Check: In Physics, Telling Cranks from Experts Ain’t Easy.

The Crux: Bursting the Bubble of Human Intelligence.

Sandatlas: Glacial arch, Syncline in 3D and Sandstone columns in the middle of a crater.

JFleck at Inkstain: Grand Canyon.

Hydraulically Inclined: A Few Good Reads (12/12/11): Raging Floods in Kenya.

BlogHer: Scientifically Proven for Female Pleasure? What’s in Your Lube?

National Geographic: Solar Storms Are “Sandblasting” the Moon, NASA Study Hints.

New Scientist: Do thoughts have a language of their own?

Puff the Mutant Dragon: Do vaccines contain toxic chemicals?

Technorati: Autism’s Big News: There’s A Manual!

Lifehacker: Nine Stubborn Brain Myths That Just Won’t Die, Debunked by Science.

The Loom: A Long Walk To Land.

Terra Sigillata: Ch-ch-ch-ch, Changes.

GeoSpace: Drilling to tell a tsunami tale and Exoplanets with plate tectonics, better odds for life like Earth’s.

Observations: Poor Design Can Be Bad—for Your Health.

Respectful Insolence: Now I’ve seen it all: An anti-vaccine children’s book.

Mountain Beltway:  Friday fold: crumpled & faulted Brallier  and Dikes crossing dikes.

Earth Science Picture of the Day: The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy.

Geology Times: Early Earth may have been prone to deep freezes.

Krulwich Wonders: Scary Geology: Mountains In Motion.

Skepchick: Measles are Marvelous!

Oregon Live: In a virtual world, Oregon Burn Center patients escape real-world pain.

American Scientist: Two Journeys Through the Human Past.

Neurotic Physiology: Do you love Science? Well, that depends, do you like sleep?

The Last Word on Nothing: Guest Post: the Nature of Octopuses, Waiting for Dynamo.

Discoblog: Got Wrinkles? Smear on the Hottest New Fashion Toxin…Snake Venom!

Metageologist: Geospeedometry – how fast is metamorphism?

Not Exactly Rocket Science: The semi-naked ape, or why peach fuzz makes it harder for parasites and Deinonychus and Velociraptor used their killing claws to pin prey, like eagles and hawks.

Context and Variation: Networking, Scholarship and Service: The Place of Science Blogging in Academia.

Mind Hacks: An unborn brain flowering connections.

Watching for Rocks: Journey To Walcott Quarry.

10,000 Birds: Why is the Robin’s Breast Red?

Gene Expression: The history and geography of genomes.

Research News: Study: Gian Super-Earths Made Of Diamond Are Possible.

Earthling Challenges: The Messinian Salinity Crisis (3/3) – Causes and lessons of a huge salt pan.

Bad Astronomy: Tiny lunar volcanoes, Galaxy cluster collision makes a splash… a million light years long! and Epic tantrum thrown by 30 octillion ton baby.

Scientific American: Caught on Video: A Himalayan Glacier Deflates.

Adventures in Ethics and Science: Things I cannot do.

Reallyoldplants: Just gorgeous.

Open Mind: Johnny’s Growth and The Value of Data.

The Musings of a Life-Long Scholar: Science is the ultimate game for adults.

Quest: Getting Started on Earthquake Preparedness.

A Blog Around the Clock: The New Meanings of How and Why in Biology?

Scientific American Guest Blog: The Origins of Bullying and Lets Talk: A Story of Interspecies Communication.

Neuroskeptic:  Do Antidepressants Make Some People Worse? and “Mad Honey” Sex Is A Bad Idea.

Token Skeptic: Education And Critical Thinking In Australia – Part 1: A Valuable Argument.



The Business Rusch: How To Make Traditional Publishing Writer Friendly.

TalkToYoUniverse: Tightening your plot by layering.

The Passive Voice: I have silently watched as my fellow authors have had to deal lawsuits or potential lawsuits.

Giga Om: If we are all journalists, should we all be protected?

The Editor’s Blog: Why I Would Decline an Edit.

Terrible Minds: 25 Fun Financial Fuck-Ups for Writers!

Ryan Macklin: Don’t Work Without a Contract.

Novelists Inc.: Dodging the Agent Bullet.

New Humanist: The Secrets of Pain by Phil Rickman (Corvus).

The Shatzkin Files: Paying authors more might be the best economics for publishers in the long run.

The Writing Bomb: 5 Reasons Why Indie Authors Are Succeeding.

FutureBook: FutureBook Conference Report: Takeaways for writers and We need to talk about Amazon.

The Tightrope: Twitter and the elevator pitch.

Courtney Milan: The best thing about self-publishing.

Brooklyn Arden: Behind the Book: Three Things Writers Can Learn from Liar’s Moon, Part II and Behind the Book: Three Things Writers Can Learn from Liar’s Moon, Part III.

Dean Wesley Smith: The New World of Publishing: The Big Hurry.

Let’s Get Digital: How Much Do You Want To Get Paid Tomorrow?

Slashdot: Neal Stephenson Responds With Wit and Humor.

Nieman Journalism Lab: From Nieman Reports: In digital publishing, content drives length, not the other way around.

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management: Know when to walk away, know when to run…

Nieman Storyboard: When journalists become authors: a few cautionary tips.

Patricia C. Wrede: Decisions, decisions and A few things not to do.

Jody Hedlund:  The Inevitable Identity Crisis That Happens After Publication.

Highly Allochthonous: Struggle and Serendipity (or: Yay! I’m in Open Lab!).


Women’s Issues

Boing Boing: The diagnosis.

The Morning News: Now That Books Mean Nothing.

Scripting News: Another example of tech sexism.

The Millikan Daily: and University of Michigan College of Engineering Dean David Munson on Cyberstalking on Campus.

Feministe: Frat at University of Vermont asks, “If you could rape anyone who would it be?”

The SAFER Blog: Disgusting UVM Fraternity Questionnaire Sparks Outrage.

Man Boobz: The False Rape Society is shocked — shocked! — by a fraternity’s “who would you rape?” survey.

n4cm: The Men Behind The War On Women.

Skepchick: Sacrificing Privilege.

Kotaku: In which I don’t try to write like a man…

Jezebel: Lego Targets Girls With Pink Blocks, Cute Figures, & No Creativity.

Almost Diamonds: Gender Transitioning and Gender Stereotypes.

SF Gate: Women urge others to go public about abortions.

The Digital Cuttlefish: …So He Cut Off Her Fingers.


Atheism and Religion

The Village Voice: Scientology Cruise Ship as Hellhole: The Ramana Dienes-Browning Story.

WWJTD: “You Give Activism a Bad Name”.

Black Skeptics: The New York Times: Unbelievable!

Almost Diamonds: With Faith, Nothing Is Impermissible.

A Voice of Reason in an Unreasonable World: I Got Your “Tolerance” Right Here…

Rock Beyond Belief: Another foxhole atheist given “No-Rel-Pref” against her will.

Lousy Canuck: Fasting Away To Nothing for an Imaginary Deity.

Greta Christina’s Blog: “(X) Is Just Like A Religion” — No, It’s Not.

This Week in Christian Nationalism: Southern Baptists Admit That They Oppose Religious Equality In The Military.



The Biology Files: Kathleen Sebelius should have attended my middle school.

Pandagon: Do parents really need to know everything?

Lousy Canuck: America’s Softest-on-Rape Sheriff.

AlterNet: “These People May be As Crazy as Their Statements Indicate”: Why a Former GOP Staffer Quit the Party.

Business Insider: Finally, A Rich American Destroys The Fiction That Rich People Create The Jobs and Iceland Arrests Former CEO Of Failed Bank.

Blag Hag: Well, that’s awkward.

Paul Krugman: Depression and Democracy.

Political Animal: When Fox News tries to make a chart.

SodaHead: GOP Site Plans To Infiltrate Liberal Sites With “Trolls”.

Mike the Mad Biologist: Do Those Who Oppose OTC Plan B for Teens Remember Being a Teenager?(Some) People Have Always Sucked, We Must Choose to Ignore Them and Rick Santorum’s Murderous Arrogance: The Healthcare Edition.

***Dave Does the Blog: I’m willing to be culturally impolite in the name of freedom and The Poor You Will Always Have With You.

The New England Journal of Medicine: The Politics of Emergency Contraception.

Media Matters: Fox Cites Non-Existent Part Of The Constitution To Hype Argument For Kagan Recusal.

Treehugger: How Big Oil’s Back Room Dealing with the GOP Revived the Keystone XL.

Slate: A Gestational Issue.


Society and Culture

Laughing Squid: Aqueous, A Beautiful Series of Photos by Mark Mawson of Paint Being Dropped Into Water.

Outside: Say Hello to My Little Friend.

Gawker: Mysterious 16th-Century Sext Discovered in Copy of Chaucer.

Nnedi’s Wahala Zone Blog: Lovecraft’s racism & The World Fantasy Award statuette, with comments from China Miéville.

The Digital Cuttlefish: What, No Second Date?

Boing Boing: Internet Engineers to Congress: SOPA censorship will harm Internet security.

The Inverse Square Blog: Man, I Wish I’d Written Something This Nasty.

The Crommunist Manifesto: Politically INcorrect? As though that was a good thing…

The Boston Globe: Led by the child who simply knew.

Wil Wheaton dot Tumblr: Uhura.

Wired: What Made This University Researcher Snap?

Los Links 12/16
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