Christopher Hitchens Is Dead

There are moments, when you find out someone momentous has died, in which you find the world a little emptier than before. A person has died who filled up the world, poured so much of himself into it that he made it a larger and more interesting place. Someone whose words thundered and reverberated and will echo long after he has fallen silent.

Christopher Hitchens was like that.

And now he’s gone, and there are echoes, but while his words remain, there will never be silence.

Goodbye, Hitch. None of us will ever forget you.


Christopher Hitchens Is Dead
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4 thoughts on “Christopher Hitchens Is Dead

  1. Wes

    A loss for all, even his opponents. Though I disagreed with him on many occasions, on matters of principle I adored the man and his unflinching honesty. After announcing his cancer, he was interviewed on C-Span, and and conceded that one cannot partake in vices as he had and expect any other outcome. There was no self recrimination, only honesty. I am disappointed I will never meet or engage in debate with him, but I have the pleasure of knowing he existed, if only for a brief moment.

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