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Okay, yes, I know, this is extremely late, and I’m sorry. I truly am. But during the time I was supposed to be compiling Los Links, my Muse decided it was time for us to have some, ah, special moments. And who am I to refuse her?

So we nearly filled a notebook, just about killed a pen, and my hands are busy informing me today that writer’s cramp is a very real thing, and they have got it. I’m behind on everything. I missed Geology Office Hours. I didn’t get to watch Doctor Who. But I’m not bloody complaining, because the work we did serves two novellas and the novel, I’m starting to see how the pieces fit, and it’s bloody exciting is what it is.

And I chased her off with a stick this afternoon so I could get Los Links done for you. I’d like to thank Rebecca Watson, Greta Christina, and PZ Myers for their Skepticon IV talks, which I’ve been listening to in the sunshine all afternoon whilst I copy and paste shit. Granted, it means copying and pasting shit took a lot longer than it should have because I kept breaking off to watch bits, but it was fun and informative and I wouldn’t trade it for anything except several million dollars, because then I could quit my job, actually keep up on writing AND the blog AND watch their talks anyway.

Where were we? Oh, right, you wanted links. Here they are, then:


Occupy Wall Street

Decrepit Old Fool: Compare and contrast: Black Friday campers vs Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The Tree of Life:  UC Davis Academic Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility Statement re #OccupyUCDavis.

Salon: GOP message man “frightened to death” of Occupy.

AlterNet: The Power of Occupy Wall Street Is Not Just What They’re Doing, But How They’re Doing It.

Dylan Ratigan: Eliot Spitzer: “In retrospect, I wish we had put more people in handcuffs.”

The Crommunist Manifesto: History debunks myths about Occupy.


Skepticism Takes on Mental Illness

WWJTD: Why The Skeptic Community Must Concern Itself With Mental Illness and Mental Illness Community for Skeptics.

Almost Diamonds: The Next Thing I Know, I’m Going Down.

RantaSarah Rex:  Should the Skeptic Community Concern itself with Mental Illness?

Lousy Canuck: Some of my closest friends have mental issues.


Sexism and Science Kits

Georneys: Science Kits for Girls? Mystic Crystals? Say What?!?

Anthropology in Practice: Science Can Be Pink, But It Should Also Be Equal.

Bad Astronomy: How not to market science to girls.

Doing Good Science: Gendered science kits aren’t so great for boys either.

The Mary Sue: Gee, Thanks: Marketing Science to Girls by Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes.

Edmund Scientifics: On Girls/Boys Novelty Kits.


The Burzynski Clinic

DC’s Improbable Science: The cruelty of the Burzynski Clinic must be stopped. Come on, Marc Stephens, make my day.

Boing Boing: Review of Burzynski Clinic’s list of “published research” turns up thin, unconvincing gruel.

The Quackometer: Burzynski Clinic Issues a Statement.

The Digital Cuttlefish: Burzynski The Bold (A Ballad).

The Guardian: The Burzynski Clinic is using libel laws to silence critics of its cancer treatment.

Blag Hag: A look at the Burzynski clinic’s publications and More damning revelations about Burzynski’s “research”.

Short and Spiky: Should you invest in Burzynski stock?

Hair Balls: Burzynski Fanatic Threatens Bloggers ‘Round the World.



Neurobonkers: The worst piece of drugs reporting I have ever read.

Radiolab: The Cell That Started a Pandemic.

Coffee with Halleluja: Paleontologist Barbie Pursues Professional Development...

Powered by Osteons: Cranial Vault Modification or Alieeeeens?

Neurotic Physiology: Friday Weird Science: Clomipramine, yawning, and…orgasm!?

Skepticblog: A teacher can never tell where his influence stops…

Bad Astronomy: Amateur astronomer glimpses an alien solar system and Crown of the Dolomites.

Volcanoclast: Helicoptering over Iceland and An Estwing is not JUST a hammer.

Denison Geoblog: Geos 111: Clash of the Elements – Volcano Eruptions in the Deep Ocean.

Bug Girl’s Annex: A lovely story about farming butterflies in Colombia.

Magma Cum Laude: Teaching the teachers: Activities for a plate tectonics workshop.

The Dynamic Earth: Burgess Fauna Zapruder Film.

Disease Prone: One for the Dr. Who fans.

Respectful Insolence: SafeMinds tries to frighten pregnant women into skipping the flu vaccine.

Research Digest: Questionable research practices are rife in psychology, survey suggests.

Geologic Froth: Just.so.freaking.obvious: Planning, plotting, and archiving geologic traverse data in Google Earth continued…

Quest: Bay Area Tides.

Retos Terrícolas: The Messinian Salinity Crisis (1/3) – Salt all over the Mediterranean.

Mind Hacks: Rainbows of mourning.

Mountain Beltway: Continental Drift vs. continental drift.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: How tiny wasps cope with being smaller than amoebas.

Salon: Don’t believe the sex addiction hype.

Geotripper: Vagabonding Across the 39th Parallel: Sun (and Moon) and Rock Revisited in Arches National Park.

The Last Word on Nothing: Pro Tip: Don’t Fall in the Thames and Breaking Through.

High Heels in the Lab: Science makes us feel stupid.

Popperfont: “You let Bobby play with water? Don’t you know it’s a CHEMICAL?”

Evolutionblog: Twenty Years After Darwin on Trial, ID is Dead.

Lousy Canuck: Life may not depend on planet having a large moon.



The Business Rusch: Writers and Traditional Publishing Companies and The Writer’s Guide To Evaluating A Traditional Publishing Company.

Washington Post Innovations: Science fiction and the birth of innovation.

Storify: Suzanne Moore’s Guide To Journalism.

The Creative Penn: Can Search Engine Optimization Help You Sell More Books?

A Brain Scientist’s Take on Writing: The Psychology of Attraction: The Intertwining of Sex and Aggression.

Writer Unboxed: The Critical Aspects of Digital Publishing.

TorrentFreak: The Copyright Industry – A Century Of Deceit.

Lindsay Buroker: Can Publishing a Podiobook Help You Sell More Books?

Chip’s Blog: Aren’t they supposed to market my book for me?

Neil Gaiman’s Journal: Audiobooks: A Cautionary Tale.

Krulwich Wonders: The Library Phantom Returns!

Writer Unboxed: The No. 1 Overlooked Skill for Every Author.

The Open Notebook: Deborah Blum traces a poisonous history.

Katie PhD: The Trouble with Teeth…

Standford University School of Medicine: Scientists identify defect in brain cell channel that may cause autism-like syndrome.

Notes EM: this is how you start a takedown!

Patricia C. Wrede: When is it over?


Women’s Issues

Ms. Magazine: Should Organized Religion Have More Rights Than Women?

Almost Diamonds: Another Way to Blame Women for Getting Paid Less, More on Diversity and Merit in the Workplace and Examining MRA’s Prison-Rape Factoid.

Context and Variation: Get This Baby Out of Me! On Induction and Ending #occupyuterus.

Notes from Two Scientific Psychologists: A brief rant about waist-to-hip ratio.

Man Boobz: “Men run faster than women.” “Hence rape.” Or, Reddit in a nutshell.

The Mary Sue: Why Won’t Siri Talk About Abortion Clinics?

Butterflies and Wheels: Oh yes, go right ahead.


Atheism and Religion

The Friendly Atheist: David Fitzgerald Offers a Heretic’s Guide to Mormonism and A Christian Store Denied Him This T-Shirt…

The Digital Cuttlefish: It’s Tough To Be Christian (When Christmastime Comes).

WWJTD: Touch Me, Touch Me Jesus!

New Humanist: Dissing God.

Pharyngula: I do not forgive.

Examiner: Tim Tebow annoys NFL peer with too much Jesus.

The Guardian: The deafening silence on a good man’s death.

BBC News: Should animals be stunned before slaughter?

***Dave Does the Blog: In God We All Trust, Or Else.

QED: Ophelia Benson – The Interview.



Rooted Cosmopolitan: Twitter & Sam Brownback’s Fearful Authoritarians.

AP: Kansas gov. says staff overreacted to teen’s tweet.

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Kansas Tweeter Being Attacked by Fellow Students.

Mike the Mad Biologist: Schadenfreude: When ‘Small-Government’ Conservatives Have to Face the Reality of Their Rhetoric.

Mother Jones: The GOP’s War on Voting Comes to Washington.

Crooks and Liars: Bachmann Suggests Intelligent Design Is a ‘Scientific Fact’ and Mackinac Center Emails Reveal True Motives Of Their Benefactors.

Politicker NY: Mayor Bloomberg: ‘I Have My Own Army’.


Society and Culture

Skepchick: Born This Way? a Skeptical Look at the Neurological Theory of Gender Identity.

Slobber and Spittle: What TIme Magazine Shows The World, and Us.

The Last Word on Nothing: Black Friday and Dirty Gold.

Contrary Brin: Pining for Feudalism as an Antidote for Modernity.

Forbes: Here’s The Letter Senator Al Franken Just Sent To Phone ‘Rootkit’ Firm Carrier IQ.

The Guardian: Mayan tablet does not predict end of the world in 2012, says expert.

Hyperbole and a Half: Boyfriend Doesn’t Have Ebola. Probably.

Measure of Doubt: How rationality can make your life more awesome.

MoveOn: Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got.


Boing Boing: Police hand- and ankle-cuff 5-year-old, charge him with battery on a police officer.

On Parenting: Safeway apologizes after 4-year-old is banned for life.

Mike the Mad Biologist: Racial Differences in IQ Only Manifest at Age 2.

Los Links 12/2
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