Los Links 11/18

Okay, yes, I’m late. I usually post around midnight, and here it is, 4 in the ay-em. Blame the 6-day work week.

As far as why there’s so many links, you can blame the people writing interesting things.

And I know what the writers and writer watchers will say: “But, Dana, aren’t you supposed to be doing NaNo?” And the answer is yes, in a sorta-kinda-halfarsed way, yes, I am doing NaNo. But. Aunty Flow was here this week. I neverever write fiction when Aunty Flow’s around. And I’d just done a 7,000-word weekend. So I gave my wrists (most of) the week off. (And I’d just like to give a hearty thanks to the nurse practitioner at our company clinic, who gave me a miracle drug called Back Quell, which turns out to have done a bang-up job quelling the monthly misery as well.)

With that digression digressed, I give you, at long last, Los Links. Enjoy!

Occupy Wall Street

Almost Diamonds: Occupying Foreclosed Homes.

Post Partisan: Bloomberg’s disgraceful eviction of Occupy Wall Street.

Media Decoder: Reporters Say Police Denied Access to Protest Site.

Scott Olsen: “I’m feeling a lot better, with a long road in front of me.”

Contrary Brin: Roll over, Frank Miller: or why the Occupy Wall Street kids are better than #$%! Spartans.

Wil Wheaton dot Tumblr: “…linking arms in a human chain when ordered to step aside is not a nonviolent protest.”

Taylor Marsh: The Occupation has begun, and the 1% know it …

Occupy Wall Street Library: UPDATE: State of Seized Library.

ThinkProgress: Reporters For Right-Wing Publication Daily Caller Beaten By NYPD, Helped By Protesters.

New York Observer: Former Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis, In Cuffs.

OEN: This Is What Revolution Looks Like.


Penn State

Meg Fowler: bearing responsibility.

Poynter: Memo to headline writers: Child sex abuse is not a ‘sex scandal’.

The Nation: Penn State and Berkeley: A Tale of Two Protests.

Tenured Radical: The Penn State Scandal: Connect the Dots Between Child Abuse and The Sexual Assault of Women on Campus.

Decrepit Old Fool: No more dismissal, no more excuses.

Grantland: The Brutal Truth About Penn State.

Lounge of the Lab Lemming:  Some thoughts on the Penn State sex scandal.

Sports Illustrated: Special Report: Scandal. Shame. A search for answers at Penn State.



Eruptions: Hydrovolcanism: When Magma and Water Mix and Etna Has Its 18th Eruption of 2011.

The Last Word on Nothing: The Guys Talk.

The Artful Amoeba: Serratia marcescens: A Tale of Bleeding Statues, Cursed Polenta, Insect Liquefaction, and Contact Lens Cases.

Sandatlas: Brain games with sand grains.

CBC News: World War I spies caught by woman who read invisible ink.

Clastic Detritus: Friday Field Photo #160: Mountainside Stratigraphy — What Do You See?

Culture of Science: Nature And Nurture: Why We Kiss.

Culturing Science: The Evolution of Grief, Both Biological and Cultural, in the 21st Century.

Practical Fishkeeping: Coral reefs support much more life than previously thought.

Highly Allochthonous: Friday focal mechanisms: aftershocks in eastern Turkey.

Geology Home Companion: Introducing Students to Geologic Time.

Science: An Ancient Moth, Now in Full Color.

Galileo’s Pendulum: Tsunamis of Sand in the Sahara.

TYWKIWDBI: “History is all explained by geology”.

Scientific American: Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Don’t Try to Make Bricks without Clay.

Myrmecos: Inside an ant nest, for real this time.

Deep Sea News: So You Want to Be A Marine Biologist: Deep Sea News Edition.

Glacial Till: Meteorite Monday: The Geminid’s and a quick update.

Slate: GM Mosquitoes Bite.

XKCD:  Map Projections.

Mother Jones: Your Prius’ Deepest, Darkest Secret.

Genomeboy: Things we said today.

Hudson Valley Geologist:  Why do we have sunspots?

New Scientist: Virtual robot links body to numbers just like humans.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Scientists track the evolution of an epidemic to show how bacteria adapt and How coral snakes cause excruciating pain.

Punctuated Equilibrium: Bird-friendly California vineyards may have fewer pests.

The Guardian: Amnesiac cellist astounds doctors with musical memory.

Scientific American: How We View Half-Naked Men and Women.

History of Geology: November 13, 1985: The Nevado del Ruiz Lahars.

Aetiology: Does bestiality increase your risk of penile cancer?

This May Hurt a Bit…: Like a patient etherized upon a chair.

Highly Allochthonous: Scenic Saturday: Wood in Streams.

Neuroskeptic: Autism: What A Big Prefrontal Cortex You Have.

Scientific American: Hot and Steamy: Beautiful Volcano Lakes Hold Data Trove and Potential Danger [Slide Show].

Fly’s Picture Place: Geode Central.

Volcanoclast: No fracking earthquakes.

Skeptoid: Top 10 Worst Anti-Science Websites.

Hydraulically Inclined: “Natural Dams”.

Wired Science: Leonardo’s Formula Explains Why Trees Don’t Splinter.

Terra Sigillata: K2 Synthetic Marijuana: Heart Attacks, Suicides, and Surveillance.

The Landslide Blog: New paper on landslide-dams and genetic change in fish.

Science 2.0: Eye Evolution Gets Its “War And Peace”.

The Star: Canadian’s lucky iron fish saves lives in Cambodia.

Geotripper: Vagabonding across the 39th Parallel: A Canyon Where Cameras Stand Sideways.

TOR: Using Science to Better Understand the Beauty of the Universe: Richard Dawkins’ The Magic of Reality.

Empirical Zeal: How a new understanding of itch leads to better pain treatments.

Grist: Icelandic moonbow plus Northern Lights is methadone for your nature-starved eyeballs.

Token Skeptic: ‘What We Don’t Need Is Critical Thinking’ – Takedown Of A TEDx Talk On JREF’s Swift.

Observations: Exceptional Memory Explained: How Some People Remember What They Had for Lunch 20 Years Ago.

Science Alert: Sunken islands found in Indian Ocean.

The Planetary Society Blog: Is Europa’s ice thin or thick? At chaos terrain, it’s both!

Mountain Beltway: Shear zone in basement complex.

Georneys: Cango Caves in Pictures.



The Business Rusch: The Old Stone Path.

A Brain Scientist’s Take on Writing: Showcase The Sexy, But Don’t False Advertise (and other lessons I learned when writing my book pitch).

Dean Wesley Smith: The New World of Publishing: 95% of All Authors Will Never Indie Publish.

Writer Beware Blogs: Introducing Writer Beware’s Small Presses Page.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Guest Post by David Gaughran and Book Country Fail.

The Oatmeal: The Three Most Common Uses of Irony.

Gerard de Marigny: A Selfpubber’s Morning.


Women’s Issues

Speakeasy Science: Bedtime Scoop and Easy Lay.

The Atlantic: A High-Tech Lynching.

Almost Diamonds: One Pissed-Off MRA.

Gifts of the Journey: Shaming, Blaming, & Silence – How Sexual Harassment Changed The Direction Of My Life.

The Biology Files: Teaching my sexist sons that feminism has no gonadal requirements for entry.

Mike the Mad Biologist: Saturday Sermon: “Abortion Is a Blessing”.

That Weird Atheist Girl: She’s Just an Attention Whore.

Butterflies and Wheels: It’s a holy city with sensitivities.

The Daily Mash: Internet misogynists given chance to meet a woman.


Atheism and Religion

This Week in Christian Nationalism: Hey Veterans: Take Two Bible Verses and Call Me in the Morning.

WWJTD: Pictures: My Anti-Myth.

New York Times: Preaching Virtue of Spanking, Even as Deaths Fuel Debate.

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Atheism and the Meaning of Life.

Stupid Evil Bastard: SEB Mailbag: “Why does it matter?” edition.

The Digital Cuttlefish: Nothing To Live For.

Maryam Namazie: The hijab is not cultural, it’s compulsory!

A Voice of Reason in an Unreasonable World: The Poisonous Malevolence Of Religion (A Rant).

Friendly Atheist: He Makes Sense To Us Because We Don’t Dare Question Religious Authority.

***Dave Does the Blog: Bryan Fischer is a Dolt (Gay Pride March of the Penguins Edition).

AlterNet: Beating Babies in the Name of Jesus? The Shady World of Right-Wing ‘Discipline’ Guides.



WWJTD: A Cynical and Manufactured Ignorance.

New York Times: On the Rise in Alabama.

Bad Astronomy: Mister Terrific gets it right.

Mother Jones: Conservatives Plot to Burn, Shred, and Sabotage Scott Walker Recall Effort.

NotionsCapital: Congress Reaps Pizza Harvest.

The Washington Post: Gay, Muslim groups relieved by changes to bullying bill.

StarTribune: With supercommittee silent, millionaires and others eagerly jump in with their own advice.


Society and Culture

Decrepit Old Fool: Hawk vs Squirrel at the dentist.

Tiger Beatdown: If you protest racism during Black Face season in The Netherlands, you will be beaten up and arrested.

Foreign Policy: Twitter vs. the KGB.

The Atlantic: National Geographic Photo Contest 2011.


MacLean’s: In conversation: Alison Gopnik: On what’s wrong with the way we teach, and how a year out of university changed her son’s life.

TorrentFreak: Perhaps The Copyright Industry Deserves Some Credit For Pointing Out Our Single Points Of Failure.

Daily Kos: Hilarious! Judge Pwns US Bank.

Educated Erosion: The Fallibility of Heroes.



Butterflies and Wheels: Facebook’s little jeu d’esprit.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/SalmanRushdie/status/136122710848843777″]

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/SalmanRushdie/status/136122951933231104″]

The New York Times: Rushdie Runs Afoul of Web’s Real-Name Police.

DAWN.com: Rights group slams Facebook for censorship of French weekly.


Los Links 11/18
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11 thoughts on “Los Links 11/18

  1. 1

    Dana, I love your Los Links. Not much room for attribution in 140 characters so you’ll see them reTweeted, but I just wanted to put up some appreciation.

  2. 2

    Dana, I am a new reader of yours, and really like your blog. I am curious why you don’t write when Auntie Flow is visiting. (If you mentioned it in a pre-freethoughtblogs posting, would you point me to it, please?)

    I am an unpublished writer, and have found I create many of my most powerful scenes when I am emotional (through hormones, as well as other things). Of course, editing is required when I’ve calmed down.

    Again, just curious, if you’re willing to say….

  3. 3

    Aw, *hugs*. Thanks for the Los Links love! People like you, and comments like that, are why I do ’em.

    And, for the record, you’re one of my favorite people in the universe. Don’t say that often enough.

  4. 4

    Glad you’re liking it! Always good to hear.

    Several reasons why I don’t write fiction during that time o’ the month, actually. Most important one is the pain – I have cramps that sometimes rival kidney stones in intensity. Can’t think when I’m hurting. Then there’s the exhaustion. Really don’t function well at all those first few days. Then I need to play catch-up with other neglected duties the final few days. It actually gives me a good break in which to read, catch up on bloggy duties, and attend various other bits of my life I’ve pushed off to the side for writing. We all of us have our little quirks, I suppose: this is one of mine.

    Good luck with your writing! If there’s ever a topic you’d like to see covered in the Dojo, let me know.

  5. 6

    Hi Dana – Thanks for the mentions for Highly Allochthonous. Almost a relief to read stuff from last week not about idiots from the 1950s. I’m curious why some links are in bold. Random or strategic?

  6. 7

    I’m sorry you have it so rough. My sister was the same way (endometriosis).

    There are lots of posts in your archive that I’ll have to go through before I make any suggestions, but plotting is my bugaboo.

    I’m having a devil of a time bringing the plot line of the bad guys into the main plot. Even working backwards, it’s still a real road block for me.

    (And yes, I have to be careful of clich├ęs. Why do you ask? lol.)

  7. 9

    Even following Bora, I still miss incredible stuff. I’m not a machine!

    Let this be a lesson to the rest of you: if your favorite link o’ the week didn’t make it in, add it here!

  8. 10

    Always! Seriously, I always get you guys in – you and Chris are at the forefront of my geoblogging reading, and I’m of the opinion everyone should be reading Highly Allochthonous.

    Bold is strategic: I know there’s too much for everyone to read every link, and there’s a few I want to draw particular attention to. It kills me to do it. I’d bold nearly everything if I could. And I always feel horrible about the ones I don’t highlight.

  9. 11

    One quarter to one third of all marine species? Wow! Considering the value of reefs-mangrove forests to island economies and physical structure, I’m surprised there has not been a ban on the substances in suntan lotion, bottom trawling and all that other stuff.

    Great article, even if it did come from a pet marine animal journal (not crazy about cyanide fishing and what it does to the corals). Considering how many major journals neglect to link to their sources, I was amused to see that a fish husbandry magazine actually did.

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