Interlude with Cat: The Assistant

I’m working on something which won’t have tremendous substance, but will have links to substance, and yummy photos. But it’s taking forever due to a few technical difficulties. Don’t talk to me about getting cats to pose with rocks, or getting enough light out of one bloody bulb, or trying to figure out why the computer won’t load the photos, or photo editing, or…

Anyway, here’s a cat. Helping me write. Enjoy that while you wait. Send it to PZ and tell him you’d like to see a cephalopod do that without suffocating in the open air or getting the paper wet.

Interlude with Cat: The Assistant
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3 thoughts on “Interlude with Cat: The Assistant

  1. 1

    A bit bigger and calico with the boot of Italy on her back, that could be my Sumomo. She likes to “help”* daddy work on his computer too.


    *”Help”: reduce to one-handed typing

  2. 3

    She looks a lot like my Dark Mistress, who does stuff like that, too. Always at the most inconvenient times. If I’m doing a crossword, here she comes, winding around me, slinking her tail through my face, trying to take a nap on the paper…


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