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This week seemed to last 10,000 years. Enormous amount of stuff going on: earthquakes, child-rape enablers getting fired, women fighting back against misogynistic assholes, anti-vax freaks sending infectious agents through the mail, Occupy Wall Street ongoing…. And, of course, this incredibly busy week is the one in which our server upgrade went horribly awry. Not to mention trying to do a fair bit of writing.

Fortunately for those who love the links, there was actually a bit of time to read in between calls at work at times. And if we’re very, very lucky, our long-suffering in-house tech has managed to put out most of the fires, so this post will actually stay up long enough for you to enjoy said linkage. If this one goes away whilst my back is turned, let me know via Twitter, Facebook or G+. I’ve got it backed up to Blogger in case we have to seek an alternative. I will not deprive you of your linkfest. Not during the last long week before Thanksgiving!

Penn State

Comradde Physioproffe’s: Does Penn State Actively Condone The Rape Of Children?

Whatever: Omelas State University.

Whiz Bang: Dear Joe.

New York Times: Penn State Students Clash With Police in Unrest After Announcement.

PennLive: Sister of Jerry Sandusky victim talks about the pain of life at Penn State where students are joking about being ‘Sanduskied’.

The Atheist Camel: Coach Paterno’s Religious Play Book.

Pharyngula: JoePa has an answer.



New Statesman: On rape threats and internet trolls.

Sian and Crooked Rib: My guide to online abuse and the excuses given to pretend it doesn’t happen.

Time News Feed: #Mencallmethings: Twitter Trend Highlights Sexist Abuse Online.

Anti-Discrimination: “Men call me things”.

Stuff.co.nz: Troll-attack campaign goes viral.

Marieke Hardy: Men call me things. And I know their names.

Butterflies and Wheels: Not just making it up.

Tiger Beatdown: But How Do You Know It’s Sexist? The #MenCallMeThings Round-Up.

The Guardian: What should we do about sexist abuse online?


Anti-Vax Insanity

Stupid Evil Bastard: The anti-vaxers are holding Pox Parties to intentionally infect their kids.

Mike the Mad Biologist: ‘Pox Parties’ and Bioterrorism.

The Biology Files: The antivax women who mail pox: Who are they?

Respectful Insolence: “Pox packages,” child abuse, and the violation of federal law.

White Coat Underground: A pox on your mail.


Oklahoma Earthquake

Highly Allochthonous: The Oklahoma Earthquakes.

The Trembling Earth: Oklahoma earthquake – not as uncommon as you think.

Geology Home Companion: OK – I Definitely Felt That.

Volcanoclast: Oklahoma experiences their largest quake ever.


Occupy Wall Street

The Guardian: Occupy Oakland: second Iraq war veteran injured after police clashes.

Myrmecos: Why I support the 99% movement.

Paul Krugman: Oligarchy, American Style.

ZunguZungu: Notes from the Police State.



Science Daily: Nanotubes in Environment ‘Rob’ Green Algae of Space and Light.

NASA: Stalled Weather Systems More Frequent in Decades of Warmer Atlantic.

The Trembling Earth: East Coast (U.S.) earthquakes – What gives?

Boing Boing: Science helps old mice age gracefully.

Geology Home Companion: 3D Geologic Models Created with Photofly.

The Road to Endeavour: Say hello to “Homestake”…

Science Now: Why Are There So Many Colors of Poisonous Frogs?

Dinosaur Tracking: SVP Dispatch: Life on the Lost Continent.

Nature News Blog: New theory on bat flight has experts a-flutter.

Degrees of Freedom: The Cosmic Magnifying Lens.

This View of Life: There is Grandeur (Really).

Mountain Beltway: Pseudoboudins!

Clastic Detritus: The Origin of Submarine Canyons — Ideas From the 1930s.

New York Times: Spotted Horses in Cave Art Weren’t Just a Figment, DNA Shows.

The Scicurious Brain: Laugh so you don’t cry: how laughing kills the pain.

Slobber and Spittle: Interesting and Disturbing Happenings In The Canary Islands.

Wiring the Brain: What is a gene “for”?

Eruptions: El Hierro Eruption: Quite the Jacuzzi.

Streams of Consciousness: Understanding Your Mind Is Mission Critical.

Laelaps: Debating Diatryma.

Our Amazing Planet: Irish Whodunit: The Mystery of the Moving Boulders.

Science Daily: Half-Billion-Year-Old Predator Tracked: Multi-Legged Creature Ruled the Seas.

Cocktail Party Physics: A Shot in the Dark: The Acoustics of Gunfire.

White Coat Underground: I’m skeptical.

Scientific American: The Neuroscience of Barbie.

The Artful Amoeba: A Flower Returns from the Dead.

New Scientist: Archaeopteryx was robed in black.

Scientific American: Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Preconceptions and the Blunting of Imagination.

Earthly Musings: The Beginning of the End.

History of Geology: The Devil’s Tail.

Wired Science: The Startling Science of a Starling Murmuration.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Cross-dressing raptors avoid violence, and Stone-cutter finds fossil whale in marble slabs.

Highly Allochthonous: A short FAQ on earthquakes and fracking.

Tuff Guy: Beneath The Volcano: The Magma Chamber and Measuring Volcano Deformation From Space: InSAR.

Quest: Geological Outings Around the Bay: Fitzgerald Marine Preserve.

Georneys: Do You Know What’s Interesting About Caves, Sheldon? Everything.



The Coffee-Stained Writer: NaNoWriMo Pep Talk: pushing through the mid-month slump.

The Open Notebook: John McPhee on characters, structure, titles, and facing the ‘low dread’ of writing.

The Fictorian Era: The Future of Publishing is Self-Publishing.

Strange Ink: Frailty, thy name is.


Women’s Issues

ThinkProgress: Nearly Half Of Working Mothers Miss Paychecks Due To Lack Of Paid Maternity Leave.

Butterflies and Wheels: After she was raped, she was charged with adultery and A highly gendered phenomenon.

Lens: Helping the People Beyond the Pain.

Greta Christina’s Blog: Why I Probably Won’t Do Porn Again: Sexism and Being a Woman on the Internet.

XO Jane: What’s So Sexy About a Broken Spine?

Pulp Tech: Facebook Finally Removes Its Pro-Rape Pages.


Atheism and Religion

New Humanist: “Atheist” still the dirtiest word in US politics.

Greta Christina’s Blog: Why I Do What I Do.

Philosotroll: A Non-Fact and Some Implications.

Token Skeptic: Books To Beat Your Baby By – The Right-Wing Biblical Approach To Raising A Child.

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Crumley Blames the Victim.

Butterflies and Wheels: She rebelled herself to death.

Maryam Namazie: Sorry but Islam and Mohammad are not off-limits.

WWJTD: Devil Child.



Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Sexual Harassment and the Fallacy of the Excluded Middle.

Slate: Never Happened.

ThinkProgress: Cain’s Lawyer Warns Other Accusers To ‘Think Twice’ Before Coming Forward Or They’ll Be Smeared Too.

Grist: The GOP brain explained: Why Cliff Stearns wants to subsidize successful companies.

***Dave Does the Blog: Eating on $4.66 a day.

Lousy Canuck: Ending the Canadian long gun registry means more domestic murder.


Society and Culture

Charlie’s Diary: Evil social networks.

Anthropology in Practice: Getting Serious With Siri.

Ars Technica: Warner Bros: we issued takedowns for files we never saw, didn’t own copyright to.

White Coat Underground: From Cain to Paterno: it’s not just a nuisance.

Electronista: White House will veto Congress attempt to end net neutrality.

The Guardian: Pensions dispute gives academics work-life balance.

Almost Diamonds: The All Too Friendly Skies.

Confessions of a Community College Dean: Grading and Choosing.

Moms Who Vax: From Anti-Vax to Pro-Vax: One Mom’s Story.

Stupid Evil Bastard: Thanks to anti-vaxers like Jenny McCarthy, measles outbreaks on the increase.

Food Safety News: Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn’t Honey.

Grist: Green lifestyle choices won’t solve the climate problem.

Los Links 11/11
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