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It’s Halloween, otherwise known as NaNo’eve, and this may be the last big linkfest for a considerable time. Oh, there will be Los Links, don’t get me wrong. I’d never deprive you of them. But I likely won’t have much time for reading. Which is a shame, because people keep writing intensely interesting stuff.

Exhibit A below the fold.

Van Earthquake

Highly Allochthonous: M 7.2 earthquake near Van, eastern Turkey.

History of Geology: Paleoseismology of the Anatolian and Caucasus Region.

In Focus: Deadly Earthquake in Turkey.

Scientific American: A Geologist’s-Eye-View of the Van Earthquake.


Occupy Wall Street

Truthout: Some Unsolicited Advice to the Democratic Party: Cave to Occupy Wall Street Movement.

AlterNet: Occupy the Boardroom: 9 Angry, Heart-Breaking Messages to Wall Street’s Elites From the 99%.

My FDL: Unable to Get Simeone Fired, NPR Drops “World of Opera”.

Almost Diamonds: Approaching 99%.

Lousy Canuck: On the Role of the Middle Class in Occupy Wall Street.

The Daily Beast: Occupy Wall Street’s Age Divide.

Gizmodo: How to Be a Citizen Journalist Without Getting Killed.

Rolling Stone: Wall Street Isn’t Winning – It’s Cheating.

Daily Kos: A Voice From the 1% and Fellow Kossack Jesse LaGreca (a/k/a MinistryofTruth) Destroys Fox News Reporter.

Camels with Hammers: Taxes, Employment Rates, and Deficits Explained In Less Than 2 Minutes.


Blogging Research

Notes & Theories: Brian Cox is wrong: blogging your research is not a recipe for disaster.

Clastic Detritus: Why I Won’t Blog Unpublished Results.


Global Warming

BBC: Global warming ‘confirmed’ by independent study.

ThinkProgress: Hot Dog Bites Skeptical Man: Koch-Funded Berkeley Temperature Study Does “Confirm the Reality of Global Warming”.

Bad Astronomy: New independent climate study confirms global warming is real.

Talking Points Memo: Climate Change Deniers Abandon ‘Befuddled Warmist’ Physicist Who Came Around On Global Warming.



Highly Allochthonous: Friday Focal Mechanisms: the Hayward Fault shows up to the Shakeout Party and Scenic Saturday: Minnesota, Land of Lakes.

Superbug: 25 Dead From Melons: FDA Points to Packing Facility.

Oscillator: What does this smell like? Wine snobbery made easy.

Context and Variation: Mate magnet madness: when the range of possible explanations exceeds your own hypothesis.

Wooster Geologists: How Fossils Saved Civilization: A National Fossil Day Talk.

The Last Word on Nothing: Embracing My Hubble Moments.

Uncovered Earth: Sunday Science Photos, September 25–October 22.

Culture of Science: Playing “Scientist”: How The Public Is Misled By Paranormal Investigators.

Oddee: 7 Most Extreme Paths.

Science Sushi: Time – and brain chemistry – heal all wounds.

The Biology Files: Huffington Post: Irresponsible mouthpiece for the World of Woo.

White Coat Underground: A pox on your house? How fighting one disease brought back another.

The Planetary Society Blog: Science from Vesta at the Geological Society of America meeting.

New Scientist TV: Underwater volcano spews exotic lava.

Nothing in Biology Makes Sense: Double, double toil and trouble: a tale of two infections.

ETH Life: Geology for wine lovers.

Scientific American: Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: From Perspective-Taking to Empathy.

Respectful Insolence: Six medical “myths” that aren’t.

The New York Times: Bees’ Migration Holds Clues to Geologic History.

Wired Science: Mass Species Loss Stunts Evolution for Millions of Years.

Laelaps: American Lion, or Giant Jaguar? – In Search of Panthera atrox.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: March of the titans: fossil teeth show dinosaurs heading for the hills.

Research at a Snail’s Pace: Transformative works at the intersection of art and science.

Not Necessarily Geology: Up Close and Personal.

Mountain Beltway: Strained Timiskaming-type metaconglomerates from Ontario and Pavement outcrops of strained Seine conglomerate.

Metageologist: Sediments and shiny shoes.

Mike Brown’s Planets: And the answer is….

Bad Astronomy: A cosmic Halloween gallery: things that go BOO in the night and The long shadow of Mt. Rainier.

National Association of Science Writers: On science blogs this week: Trust.

The Guardian: Serious claims belong in a serious scientific paper.

The Life Scientific: Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell.

Written In Stone…seen through my lens: Part I: The Tectonic Genesis of the Champlain Thrust Fault at Lone Rock Point.

Looking for Detachment: Tremolite-Actinolite Skarn.

Magma cum Laude:  “Translating” descriptions of the 1902 eruption of Santa Maria .



The Passive Voice: Kindle Format 8 Just Announced – The Earth Continues to Shift Under Publishing.

Google Blog: Designing an Infinite Digital Bookcase.

The Conscience of a Liberal: But, And, Why.

Underwire: 9 Essential Geek Books You Must Read Right Now.

Alternative Hypothesis: Ten lessons about writing that every scientist should learn…

The Last Word on Nothing: You’ve got mail, you idiot!

Writer Beware: A Small Press Implodes: The Inside Story of Aspen Mountain Press  and Victoria Strauss — Precautions for Small Press Authors.

The Open Notebook: Ask TON: dumb questions.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: The Most Intriguing Ebook Market in the World.

The Business Rusch: Believe In Yourself.


Women’s Issues

Context and Variation: Rachel Maddow Man Cave’s Not-Too-Upsetting Guide to Down-There Parts.

MSNBC: 285 girls make fresh start in India by changing their names from ‘Unwanted’.

Happy Place: Poster explains how to not rape.

A Leaf Warbler’s Gleanings: Miss Representation: How do I raise strong, independent daughters when the media tells them they can’t be so?.

Just Another Electron Pusher: Successful women chemists and the importance of role models.

The Biology Files: Women know something you don’t.

The X Blog: A Rape in Progress.

Pharyngula: Mississippi’s shame.

Salon: The next front in the abortion wars: Birth control.

Alas! A Blog: No, You Aren’t Amber Cole’s Father.


Atheism and Religion

Almost Diamonds: Halloween Is Popular; Therefore, God.

Slate: Walking Santa, Talking Christ.

Butterflies and Wheels: Shoving people off the sidewalk, again.

Greta Christina’s Blog: We’re Telling Them They’re Wrong: Why Coming Out Atheist Is Inherently Oppositional and Coming Out Atheist Is Different from Coming Out Queer — But Still Sort Of The Same.

No Longer Quivering:  Me? Obey Him?

The Friendly Atheist: Now, the American Cancer Society is Just Lying…

This Week in Christian Nationalism: U.S. Military Program Teaches Foreign Military Students That Liberals Subverted America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage.

MU SASHA Blog: Guest Post: Damon Fowler – Adventures with Indoctrination.

Assassin Actual: Aww, Your Hate Group Is Hurting for Money?



Paul Krugman (The Conscience of a Liberal): Party of Pollution and Say Anything.

Grist: EPA chief tells GOP to STFU.


Society and Culture

Skepchick: Psychic Kids at DragonCon: A Report.

Vancouver Sun:  Why the West should not abandon Afghanistan.

WWJTD: Life Lessons In Odd Places.

TN Newspress: TSA Checkpoints Now On TN Highways.

Teen: Dreaming: #talktoteens talking no more.

Hyperbole and a Half: Adventures in Depression.



Epicenter: You Are Not Your Name and Photo: A Call to Re-Imagine Identity.

Los Links 10/28

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