Accretionary Wedge: Deadlines Fast Approaching!

The Accretionary Wedge carnival’s starting November with two back-to-back kinda-Halloween-themed, um, themes. Posts are due soon, so you’d best scramble if you’re planning to wedge yourself in.

(Please forgive that last little joke. I know it wasn’t funny. I’m functioning on fractional amounts of sleep just now, and I think my sense of humor went to bed without me.)

Deadline November 1st: Dress Barbie Like a Geologist! Or any sort of scientist, really. And it doesn’t have to be a Barbie. In fact, since I haven’t got a doll, I might be doing a doll’s house sort of thing, if I can get my crap together. Those of you with children, or who have friends or relatives with children: steal a doll away from their toy chest. Rip it from their chubby little hands if you must! Sure, they’ll weep now, but wait until you return their dolly all scienced up. They’ll not only have the most awesome doll on the block, they’ll have inspiration for a future career doing something much more interesting than standing about in implausibly high heels in a shocking pink house with a horrid pink car in the driveway.

Deadline November 7th: Geo-Pumpkins! You were going to carve a pumpkin for Halloween anyway, right? Make it geo-riffic! You don’t even have to have a blog of your own for this one – Michael will host your pics for you.

Instructions for submissions are at the links above. Get crack-a-lackin’!

Accretionary Wedge: Deadlines Fast Approaching!

2 thoughts on “Accretionary Wedge: Deadlines Fast Approaching!

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    As for the geo-barbie, my undergrad field geology prof was once approached to make assist designing a paleontoligist barbie. She and her daughter (who is also a geo badass) went to work making an accurate field paleontologist outfit. Unfortunately Mattel didn’t like the design and went with something else (probably more fashionable). She still has the prototype in her office, gaiters and all.

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    hmm, so I would have to dress Barbie in jeans with the tops of the thighs worn out from the sweaty hands I ran over them a zillion times, many many smears of #6 fuel oil, reeking of diesel, and a ripped t-shirt covered with grout (also in the hair and on any exposed skin) from filling monitoring wells. Accessories to be two layers of gloves and rubber boots and a hard hat. :)

    Too bad I’m fighting with the flu right now or I’d try it.

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